Starting Your Political CampaignWhether running for federal, state or even local office, starting a political campaign is no small undertaking. A political campaign committee must be created, hiring a campaign staff, putting together a campaign budget and crafting the right message and strategy to win.

As online has emerged as a pillar of successful campaigning, here are some recommended posts to help you prepare for campaigning online.

5 Misconceptions About Local Online Campaigning – My political campaign is very small, it will be over fairly soon, and our voter turnout is low. Do I really need to bother with online campaigning?

Elements of an Online Political Campaign – Candidates can be outclassed by opponents who simply run a better online campaign. Knowing the opportunities and taking advantage of them will improve your chance of success.

Opening a Bank Account For Your Political Campaign – Establishing a campaign bank account is an important step in establishing a viable campaign. Here are a few things you should know before you get started.

The Fundraising Chicken and Egg Question For Local Campaigns – The problem for many local and down-ballot candidates is getting enough financial traction to attract enough initial donors. Without enough money, it’s hard to convince donors that your campaign is viable, but building the campaign to a viable status requires money.

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Why Starting Your Campaign Website Early Makes Sense – If you think putting up a website and slapping on a donation button a few weeks before Election Day is a winning tactic, think again.

What You Should Know Before You Take Donations Online – Even the most local candidate can set up an online donation page. Here are some things you need to know as you plan your online fundraising strategy.

5 Tips To Mix Online Into Your First Fundraising Event – Use your online presence to turn your fundraising event into something that increases awareness, attracts more interest in your campaign – and perhaps brings in some additional money.

Finally, here’s something to help you start your campaign platform. Maybe you’ll find that winning issue to sway voters…

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