A lot rides on your campaign slogan, so choose yours carefully. A slogan should connect to voter concerns and acknowledge the current political environment. It needs to be both memorable and concise. Basically, your political slogan should summarize the essence of your campaign in a single phrase.

Easy, right?

Sort of. Slogans for political campaigns are a dime a dozen. They are reused all the time.

Creating a good campaign slogan takes some effort. It can start by answering a few questions.  Why you are running for office? What is the core value or issue you are trying to impress on voters? What is it that you want voters to know about you?

Once you know why and what you are running for, it’s just a matter of summarizing the essence of your candidacy in a single phrase.

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Election Slogan Types:

What is a political campaign slogan?

A political campaign slogan is a brief statement that describes what your campaign is about. The most successful political campaign slogans are typically short statements that are both positive and suggest action. A good slogan makes it easy for voters to remember and emphasizes your message.

Short and memorable slogans work best. Forget weak and passive phrasing.

No Slogans on These Campaign Yard Signs

Sample Political Campaign Slogans

These political slogans work for all types of elections and target all types of voters. Here are some of the best campaign slogans for elections involving mayors, city council, state representatives and more.

  • [Candidate] for reform. [Candidate] for action.
  • A Name You Know.
  • A Voice for [Smart Growth/Lower Taxes/Etc.]
  • A Voice for You.
  • Fighting for Us
  • Had Enough? [I Have.]
  • Integrity. Honesty. Commitment. [Any combination]
  • It’s About You
  • It’s Time for a Change
  • Leadership / Experience / Commitment (Any order)
  • Let’s Make a Difference!
  • Proven [Leader/Tax Cutter/Experience]
  • Quality in Government.
  • Strength and Experience.
  • Taking Action, Getting Results.
  • Vote [Name] for Change.
  • Working for YOU!
  • Cleaning up [Location]
  • A Real Choice for [Location]
  • Vote for [Leadership]. Vote for [Change].
  • Working for a better [Location].
  • The Choice is Clear.
  • Promises made, promises kept.
  • A Record of Accomplishment
  • Independent Leadership
  • Fighting for [Location]’s families
  • For Effective Government
  • Action starts NOW!
  • Working harder for [Location].
  • Working for you.
  • A Candidate For The People
  • Government with Integrity
  • Leadership for [Location].
  • Vote [name] for Results and Accountability.
  • Dedicated, Proven Leadership
  • It’s Time For Progress
  • The Change We Need
  • Real Results, Not Empty Promises
  • Working for a better [Location]
  • Improving quality of life in [Location].
  • Experience and Integrity
  • Rebuild and Restore our Community
  • [Candidate]: A proven tax-cutter.
  • Your Voice for Positive Change.
  • Protecting Your Tax Dollars
  • Right Time, Right Choice.
  • New Leadership for a Better [Location]
  • Experience, Education and Ethics.
  • Leadership Through Innovation.
  • Fighting for Open Government.
  • Standing Up For What’s Right.
  • A Qualified Voice For [Location]
  • [Candidate] for [Position] … for [Location]’s future.
  • A Common-Sense Leader to Change [Location]
  • Getting Results for [Location]
  • Keep Moving Forward.
  • Keep the Progress Moving

Sheriff Campaign Slogans – Strength and Character

Slogans for sheriff and law enforcement elections typically rely on reminding voters of a candidate’s strength or personal character. They are often used as taglines for signs and logos.

  • Honesty, Integrity and Experience
  • Your Safety First
  • Community Changes Everything
  • The New Sheriff In Town
  • New Leadership For A Safe [Location]
  • Keep [Location] Safe…
  • Character That Counts
  • A Proven Record Of Excellence
  • Community, Integrity, Commitment
  • Courage. Character. Community
  • Safer Streets, Safer Community
  • A Sheriff You Can Trust
  • A Sheriff For The People
  • Proven Experience
  • Protecting our Neighborhoods
  • Service to the Community
  • Committed to the Community
  • Protecting the People

Judicial Campaign Slogans – Experience and Integrity

Judges typically use slogans that emphasize their judicial temperament, experience or personal integrity. These campaigns tend to be non-partisan, which is why slogans for judicial candidates tend to be more personal in nature.

  • Integrity. Honesty. Commitment.
  • Experience Counts
  • Hardworking, Experienced, Fair
  • Justice for YOU
  • Proven Experience and Integrity
  • The right experience, the right choice
  • A Judge for the People
  • Justice with Integrity
  • Justice with Compassion
  • Proven Experience
  • Balanced, Fair, Firm

School Board Election Slogans – What’s the Issue?

It’s all about the children where someone runs for school board. Slogans usually involve a current issue effecting the district or the local board of education.

  • Better Schools For A Better Tomorrow
  • Working for a Better Classroom
  • Putting Students First
  • Restore our School District
  • Working for Our Children
  • A Positive Voice For Our Children
  • Improve our Schools
  • Valuing our Children’s Education
  • Working for a Better District
  • Protecting Your Tax Dollars
  • Common Sense Solutions

best political campaign slogans are short, catchy and memorable

Funny Political Campaign Slogans

A funny or humorous election slogan will often get attention. However, you run the risk of voters not taking you seriously at the expense of a joke.

  • Don’t pick your nose, pick [Candidate]
  • Don’t be shy, give me a try
  • [Candidate] is the best, forget the rest
  • With great power comes great responsibility (from Spider-Man)
  • If you must waste your vote, waste it on me
  • I think, therefore I am voting for [Candidate]
  • Don’t be a loser, be a chooser
  • I’ll do my best, but I can’t promise anything

Here are some more funny political slogans on campaign materials.

 Good slogans lead to more votes

Past Presidential Campaign Slogans

Some are good, some not so good… Perhaps a slogan example in this list might work for a modern campaign.

1840 – William Henry Harrison – Tippecanoe and Tyler Too
1844 – Henry Clay – Who is James K. Polk?
1848 – Zachary Taylor – For President of the People
1856 – John C. Fremont – Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Speech, Free Men, and Fremont
1860 – Abraham Lincoln – Vote Yourself a Farm
1864 – Abraham Lincoln – Don’t swap horses in the middle of the stream
1884 – Grover Cleveland – Blaine, Blaine, James G. Blaine, The Continental Liar from the State of Maine
1884 – James Blaine – Ma, Ma, Where’s my Pa, Gone to the White House, Ha, Ha, Ha
1888 – Benjamin Harrison – Rejuvenated Republicanism
1896 – William McKinley – Patriotism, Protection, and Prosperity
1916 – Woodrow Wilson – – He kept us out of war
1920 – Warren G. Harding – Return to normalcy
1924 – Calvin Coolidge – Keep cool with Coolidge
1928 – Herbert Hoover – – A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage
1952 – Dwight Eisenhower – I Like Ike
1960 – Richard Nixon – – For the future
1964 – Lyndon B. Johnson – The stakes are too high for you to stay at home
1964 – Barry Goldwater – In your heart you know he’s right
1968 – Richard Nixon – Nixon’s the One
1976 – Gerald Ford – He’s making us proud again
1976 – Jimmy Carter – A Leader, For a Change
1980 – Ronald Reagan – Are you better off than you were four years ago?
1984 – Ronald Reagan – It’s morning again in America
1984 – Walter Mondale – America Needs a Change
1988 – George Bush – Kinder, Gentler Nation
1992 – Bill Clinton – Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow
1992 – Bill Clinton – Putting People First
1992 – Ross Perot – Ross for Boss
1996 – Bill Clinton – Building a bridge to the 21st century
1996 – Bob Dole – The Better Man for a Better America
2000 – Al Gore – Prosperity and progress
2000 – George W. Bush – Compassionate conservatism
2000 – George W. Bush – Reformer with results
2004 – John Kerry – Let America be America Again
2004 – George W. Bush – Yes, America Can!
2008 – Barack Obama – Change we can believe in
2012 – Barack Obama – Forward
2012 – Mitt Romney – Believe in America
2016 – Donald Trump – Make America Great Again
– Here is a full list of presidential campaign slogans.

To recap, voters appreciate good campaign slogans that are clever and witty. Keeping them short and succinct will make them more memorable to the public.

If you are going to recycle a slogan from a well-known campaign, you will by association take on the good and bad of that previous campaign.

Should you put your slogan on your yard signs?

It’s generally advised that you should not put too much information on a yard sign. They are generally read by motorists who have only a few seconds at best to see your message. Phrases ‘Re-Elect’ and ‘Vote For’ are basically redundant. Adding a slogan probably isn’t worth it, unless the tagline has to do with your name or plays a large part in the main issue of your candidacy.

Name recognition is a strong factor behind many election victories, so you want to make your signage with as strong and positive an impression as possible.

Found the perfect election campaign slogan? Great! Now use it on all of your political campaign materials, from signs to mailers to your campaign website. Just like your colors and design, your slogan is part of your overall brand to voters. It should remain consistent and endure throughout your campaign, right up until Election Day.

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