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We make it easy to build your digital presence.

Looking for a campaign website for your campaign? Online Candidate provides the domain, hosting, design, built-in tools, and exclusive resources to start your online presence.

With clear pricing, there are NO long-term contracts or hidden costs. You may cancel anytime.


  • Our Enhanced Website Package features a custom logo, campaign site design, and initial content setup. We’ll build out your site text and images and optimize your content for search engines. After that, the site is in your control.
  • The Regular Website Package includes a custom logo and site design that reflects your campaign. We’ll create a website header with your campaign colors, logo, background and candidate head shot. We also modify colors, font and background to create a consistent look. Add your own content and go live.
  • The Lite Website Package is perfect for local candidates on a budget. Choose from a wide selection of header images, color styles, and font types to create a unique look.
  • The $29 Monthly Option is for those that prefer a month-to-month solution. Choose from graphic, color and font options, and place your text and images.

Raise More Money. Reach More Voters.

Start your site in minutes. With multiple packages and options, we offer fast, affordable web design.
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Sample Candidate WEbsite DEsigns

NY Assembly Candidate Website
Judicial Election Website Example
State Representative Website Featuring Flag Example
US Congressional Red and Blue Website Example

Some of our best site designs include a custom color scheme and layout.
We showcase a variety of custom design examples, along with client sites created with our website builder.

Our Political Website Builder Features:

See why local, statewide, and congressional campaigns like yours use us every election cycle.

Fast Startup

Get your domain, hosting, tools, and complete site control, all in one package. Your site comes with ready-to-use pages to help you get started fast.

Campaign Logo Included

We’ll create a professionally-designed logo, graphics, and slogan with your custom package or design upgrade – plus provide a free high-res version for your print materials.

Great-Looking Design

Look your best with a custom design or choose from template options, including headers, color schemes, and fonts. Your site is search engine (SEO) friendly and mobile responsive.

Accept Online Donations

Fully integrate with Anedot, Raise the Money, ActBlue, WinRed, PayPal – or other donation processors. Best of all, we don’t charge extra or act as a middleman with your fundraising.

Leverage Social Media

Connect and engage voters by linking your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X, and other social accounts. Visitors can share your content, helping to spread your message.

Recruit Volunteers

Recruit supporters with a configurable volunteer form. Endorsement and contact forms included. Submissions are emailed and saved.

Domain Name Included

Get a FREE domain name of your choice. Additional extensions like .republican and .democrat available. A FREE SSL certificate is included for security.

Additional Web Features

Built-in blog for news, events list, countdown widget, social media integration, forms, image library, landing page generator, popup creator and more.

Email and Forwards

Create email accounts and unlimited forwards. Integrate with a CRM or services like Mailchimp and Aweber.

Exclusive Tools and Resources

Clients have FREE access to tools, articles, and graphic templates our Political Resources Website.

Beyond Websites

Besides politician websites, we offer digital products and promotional services for local, state, and congressional candidates.

NO hidden fees

We have up-front pricing to make it simple for you and your budget.

All Features

Design Examples

Site Demo

When it comes to support, you are not alone.

5 star customer review

  • “I used Online Candidate for my second campaign, Carol is amazing, so helpful and knowledgeable. She goes beyond to help setup and get the site working perfectly.” – Rhalimi C.
  • “They are extremely responsive, helpful and knowledgeable. Their customer service is top notch, and the site was beautiful. It had very clear metrics and every resource you could want. I would strongly recommend them for any political candidate.” – Mike4NY2

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am running for local office, should I have my own campaign website?

Definitely, because voters will look for you online.

Whether you are running for US Senate, Town Supervisor, or the local school board, a website is an essential component in your campaign.

A campaign website gives you more freedom to get your message across than other delivery methods. A candidate isn’t limited by the size of a brochure or the time of a radio ad. It costs far less to raise a campaign dollar online than through direct mail, telemarketing, or prospecting lists. A website can invite feedback, recruit volunteers, solicit contributions and share media ads and news reports as they happen.

A custom-built site can cost thousands of dollars, and each update can become an additional expense. On the other hand, having an amateur build your site can end in a less than desirable result.

Online Candidate provides a professional-looking, full-featured site builder that candidates or campaign staff members can easily create or update without the need of programming talent.

See for yourself how it works. Try our online Demo or view the full feature list

Why use Online Candidate rather than local web developer?

It’s hard enough to run a political campaign without learning the ins and out of web development. You need a website that performs well, is reliable, and is optimized to convert your visitors into voters.

Once you sign up with Online Candidate, your website is immediately created and available for customization, allowing you to start adding content right away without any delays.

A local web developer may not have experience with politics and will almost certainly charge you more.  A volunteer may lack the skills to do the job – and may disappear when you need them most.

Things move fast on the election trail, and you’ll need to be able to make site updates without waiting for someone else to make changes for you. With the our website builder, you are in control.

“For a very reasonable price, Online Candidate allowed me to build a professional-looking website myself. They offered excellent customer service with a personal touch and great flexibility in creating my website. I am recommending them to everyone I know.” – F. Fuller

What is included when I order?

After your order is processed, you will receive a “Getting Started” email with instructions on how to create your website admin account to log into the site. Depending on your package, we may be designing or setting up your site, there will be additional questionnaire forms to help us get started.

Your site already comes pre-installed with the following pages and default content:

  • Home page
  • About the Candidate page
  • News / blog section
  • Events page
  • Issues page
  • Endorsement page with form
  • Voter Information page
  • Volunteer page with signup form
  • Contact page with form
  • Donation page
  • Default or custom Under Construction page

Built in tools includes a countdown widget, social media post integration, customizable forms, image galleries, landing page generator, popup creator and more.

Additionally, all sites are fully responsive, ensuring they look great and function perfectly on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops.

If you are building your own site, you’ll have access to template options for header graphics, logo upload, site colors, fonts and header layout options. You can easily match the website to your existing branding.

Finally, you’ll have access to articles, tools, letter generators, resources and graphic templates through OnlineCandidateResources.com.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes, you can use a domain name that you have already registered. On ordering you will be provided information where and how to ‘point’ your domain name to our servers.

If your domain name is not already registered: You can register your own domain when you set up your website. We include a free .com domain and SSL certificate for security. Specialty domain extensions such as .republican, .democrat and .voting are also available. See:  5 Things To Know About Your Campaign’s Domain Name

What are the website packages?

All our political campaign website packages sites contain our website platform and built-in site tools.

Our Lite Website Package and Monthly Option is designed for campaigns starting with a tight budget or with a limited campaign  It’s easily upgradable to a custom design so you can grow your site with your campaign.

Our Regular Website Package includes a custom design, including logo, and you add your own content and can update it whenever you need.

For the Enhanced Website Package, we handle it all. It features the design customization and initial content setup. Then the site is turned over you for your control.

You’ll also have free access to OnlineCandidateResources.com and, of course, our blog.

What is the Monthly Option?

The Monthly Option is for clients that prefer a month-to-month solution. The Monthly Option includes the full online candidate website CMS and tools. It is similar to the Lite Website Package in that you can select from a wide selection of header images, color styles, and font types to create a unique look. From there, add your site content and go live! It’s easily upgradable to a custom design so you can grow your site with your campaign.

It is billable monthly until you cancel online through your client account.

To compare your options, check out our Package Comparison Matrix.

Are there any hidden fees or recurring costs?

No. Everything is up-front and the prices are inclusive. There are no extra fees or autobilling (unless you are on the Monthly Option). You have the option to renew your domain name and website hosting when the initial host period ends.

What online fundraising options are available?

Online Candidate can easily integrate with Raise The Money, Anedot, ActBlue, WinRed and most any fundraising platform. Our clients have used a number of online donation services over the years. If you are not sure, we can help you choose.

Can I get design files for my print materials?

Yes! If you have a Regular Package, Enhanced Package or a Custom Design Upgrade, we can send you high-res files of your logo or header for use in your campaign print materials. Just send us a support ticket with the request.

We also offer print design services that incorporate your logo, colors, and fonts.

How can I upgrade my website package?

On the Dashboard of the Lite and Monthly site administration is a link to the Client Portal where you upgrade to a Custom Design, Content Setup or to extend your hosting. Upon order, you will be emailed instructions.

Custom designs are typically completed within a few business days. You’ll want to have a candidate photo ready ahead of time.

What payment options to you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards for online orders. We also invoice you manually to accept payment by money order, check or e-check. See full payment options.
What other products/services do you provide?

Our Download Store has political ebooks, and print templates, and political logo templates.

For websites, we offer Addon Services including: Design and Setup Upgrades, Site Launch, Social Media Setup, Email Marketing Setup, Promo Videos, Maintenance, and Copywriting Services. Learn more.

Our Marketing Services include Print Template Design, IP Targeting services, and Personal Consulting. Learn more.

What can you do for me as a political consultant or marketing firm?

Every election cycle, hundreds of candidates use Online Candidate as the hub of their online campaign. Consultants and even other design firms use our design and marketing services.

If you are interested in working with us, reach out. We’re very friendly, and we look forward to working with you!

How do I cancel my website?

You can cancel your website either by clicking the Client Portal Login button or Cancel Account link in your website admin dashboard, or under the Support tab in the admin navigation. You may also access the Client Portal through the link in the footer below.

What if I have additional questions?

Then we have more answers! You can find details about our website packages, additional services, and even more FAQs.

For more articles about running for office, visit our blog.

Choose Your Site Package

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Custom Design + Content Setup


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Custom Design


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Template Options


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Monthly Website Options

Additional options or marketing services can be ordered at any time.

Questions? Call Carol at 845-926-3400.

Hundreds of politicians and elected officials use Online Candidate for their political websites, including: Mayor and city council representatives, judicial candidates, sheriff candidates, school board candidates, local assessors, county coroners, political committees, grassroots issues, congress, state office, non-profit organizations, citizen activists, lobbying groups, issue initiatives, referendums, and more.