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Who’s Behind Online Candidate?

Carol Daley

Carol Daley has a long track record of fulfilling clients’ marketing needs. With over 20 years experience in print and web design, she customizes the templates of each and every campaign website. When you contact us, you’re reaching out to the person actually doing the work.

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Shane Daley

Shane Daley has nearly two decades experience as a web developer, with a strong focus on search engine optimization and online marketing. He developed the Online Candidate content management system and is the author of Running For Office As An Online Candidate.

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The Online Candidate Story

Our journey began way back in 2003. A close friend decided to run for office. She was the underdog, facing steep odds. Her campaign needed every advantage it could get. That’s when we stepped in with an idea: a campaign website. At the time, leveraging the internet for local political campaigning was almost unheard of. But we saw its potential.

The website we created was more than just a digital brochure. It became a pivotal tool in her campaign. It raised awareness about local issues that were otherwise under the radar. Deals made in the shadows came to light, thanks to the site. Our friend’s website even dominated web searches for her opponent’s name. This wasn’t by accident. We strategically linked to articles and information that exposed the competition. (Later, this would be known as ‘Google Bombing’.)

Our efforts didn’t stop online. The campaign promoted the website through traditional means as well—on signs and in newspaper articles. This multifaceted approach rattled her opponent. He scrambled to counter the narrative, spending a fortune on a competing website. But it didn’t work. The site was amateurish and hardly persuasive.

In the end, our friend won the election. This victory was a testament to her hard work and the power of a well-crafted online presence.  Soon we realized we could harness our web development skills to empower other local candidates. The internet would soon become an essential tool in political organization and campaigning. Yet, at that time, creating a website required significant technical know-how.

That idea led to the creation of Online Candidate.

We envisioned a platform where candidates could easily order a website package, get a domain registered, and have a content management system ready to go. We started with a process that allowed clients to select only pre-designed headers and color schemes. This would let them quickly establish an online presence that felt personalized and professional.

Today, Online Candidate has evolved. Our system is fully automated for domain registration and account setup. Clients can start building their campaign website after signup, or we can build a site for them. The platform includes mobile responsiveness, built-in tools, social media integration, exclusive client resources, and more. We’ve also expanded our offerings to include digital products and marketing services.

Of course, this story isn’t just about one campaign’s success. It’s about seeing a need and filling it. It’s about bringing political campaigns into the digital age. That’s what Online Candidate is here for. We’re here to help you share your message, connect with voters, and win.


Solving Problems for Campaigns

Your campaign faces challenges. We provide solutions. From domain registration to social media integration, to voter outreach, we’ve got you covered. Our approach is unique because it’s tailored to your needs and budget.

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