Example of Political Fundraising LetterBelow is a sample template for an initial fundraising appeal from a candidate to a friend or close acquaintance. This is a template letter from the Online Candidate Political Letter Templates package.

To give you a better idea of how to create a political request, note the basic letter structure. This sample campaign contribution letter begins with a candidate introduction, followed by specific issues and suggestions for solving those issues.

Next comes an intent to run, and a request for support along with a specific, time-sensitive contribution request. It’s wrapped up with a thank-you and reminder about the campaign website where supporters can find out more information about the campaign and how they can help.

Here is sample letter asking for political support:

Sample Fundraising Letter Template

Fundraising Letter Templates

These election campaign fundraising letter samples will give you a head start and ideas to create solid campaign correspondence. Get your message across in a professional manner that will lead to more donor action. With these political letter templates, you can create:

  • Well-written fundraising appeals that brings in donations.
  • Endorsement requests that help capture you in the best light.
  • Press releases that the local media will be happy to print.
  • Use the copy in all your election brochures, leaflets and handouts.

The full letter package contains:

    • Political Donation Thank You Letter – Event Related
    • Political Donation Thank You Letter – General
    • Endorsement Letter To the Editor Samples
    • Political Endorsement Request
    • Support and Endorsement Request to PAC [NEW]
    • Political Fundraising Appeal to Close Family and Friends
    • Fundraising Appeal to Friends and Acquaintances
    • Fundraising Appeal – After Primary
    • Fundraising Appeal – On Behalf of Candidate
    • Fundraising Appeal – Acknowledging Tough Times
    • Fundraising Appeal – Followup
  • Fundraising Appeal – Final Push
  • Personal Invitation Letter
  • Press Release – Entry into the Political Race
  • Press Release – Website Announcement
  • Press Release – Endorsement
  • Press Release – Campaign Event
  • Press Release – Position Statement
  • Press Release – Post Fundraiser Event
  • Press Release – Political Apology
  • Press Release – Post Election
  • Thank You Letter – Event Speaker
  • Volunteer Followup Letter
  • Volunteer Thank You Letter
  • Campaign Letter Writing Tips
  • Local Press Release Resources
  • Additional Resources

Save time and effort with your campaign correspondence. Download our Political Campaign Letter Templates or save with our Digital Combo Package.

election campaign letters can help raise money

Political Fundraising Letter Tips

Whether you are raising campaign seed money or contacting previous donors, here are some tips when writing your fundraising letters to make them more effective.

  • Personalize the letter as much as possible. Make sure the donor’s name is used in the salutation. Segment your letters to the recipient. For example, if there is a issue that you know the donor cares about, don’t send a generic fundraising letter. Have the letter relate to that particular issue.
  • Make donor appeals relevant to their relationship with you. A first-time donor letter should be different than a letter to a long-time supporter.
  • Make it easy to read. Break up your letter with interesting subheaders and short paragraphs.
  • Make the ask. Don’t be wishy-washy and ‘hope they can give’. Tell the recipient exactly what you want them to do. Don’t just ask for money; ask for a specific amount of money. If you know they are a big donor, make the requested amount higher. If you ask for just a little money, that may be all you get.
  • Give options to donate online. Not everyone will take the time to write a check, but they may find it more convenient to make an online donation. Provide a URL link to the campaign website where they can donate. If your web site landing page can match the specific fundraising appeal, it will convert even better.
  • Don’t forget an SASE. Include a return envelope. That alone will increase the chances that your donors will contribute.
  • PS it. Don’t forget a postscript at the end of your letter to remind the donor that time is short. If the recipient doesn’t give right away, they may forget to do so later.
  • Follow the law. All political fundraising material should contain relevant disclaimers as required by your state or local law.

Writing an effective fundraising piece takes some work. Your letters should include some basic information for the donor. For example: You should let them know what elected position are you running for. Tell them why you running for office. More importantly, you should let the recipient know what the benefit is for THEM. What will they get out of helping you? Will they get lower taxes, school improvements, tighter law enforcement?

Also, how much money do you need to raise with this appear? Is this a generic appeal or a specific one? You won’t be able to raise your entire campaign budget from one fundraiser. If you get people to invest in you early on, they will continue to support you. You can count on initial donors to give again and again in the time leading up to Election Day.

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Download our Political Campaign Letter Templates or save with our Digital Combo Package.


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