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Fundraising Letter Templates For Success

Campaign fundraising letter templates are a great tool to help craft an effective appeal for funding and donations. But as a tool, a fundraising letter template has limits. For a campaign to truly succeed in raising funds and cash, your letters need to written with great care.

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Candidates Need Money So Badly, They’ll Spam Anyone To Get It

Is spamming thousands of people really the best way to raise campaign funds? Is it a little creepy getting email from a candidate you've never heard from before, asking you to click a link and donate? Just because political spam is legal doesn't make it right - or even welcome to the recipient.

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Local Campaign Letters to the Editor

When it comes down to it, letters to the local newspaper editor is a form of campaign advertising. Of course, the letters are the opinions of the writers, but they typically represent honest views and bring up points or subject matter not covered in the usual campaign ads.

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Sample Campaign Fundraising Letter

Below is a sample template for an initial fund raising appeal from a candidate to his or her friends. Note the basic letter structure. This sample campaign contribution letter begins with a candidate introduction, followed by...

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Types of Political Campaign Letters

Ongoing correspondence in a small political campaign is critical to keeping the momentum going. Advertising is geared toward the public, of course, but the media and your campaign supporters require a more personal touch.

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