A political logo is the lynchpin of your campaign branding. It must be unique and stand out enough to brand a candidate and campaign to a wide audience. A well-designed campaign logo projects a professional image in the minds of voters.

Your logo will appear on campaign yard signs, candidate brochures, direct mailings, palm cards, video ads and all other forms of campaign advertising. A badly-designed or amateur-looking logo will reflect poorly on a campaign and will keep people from taking it seriously.

Copying another campaign’s logo shows a lack of originality and will perhaps raise suggestions of plagiarism. The last thing you need during your election is a controversy over your logo.

Political Logo Design Tips

Keep it simple. A serif font is usually your best choice. Script lettering is much harder to read and may not translate as well to print. Keep your campaign slogan short and to the point.

Choose your colors carefully. Many of our clients go for a red/white/blue color scheme. State or local candidates may match flag colors. Judges tend to go with black and white as do sheriff and law enforcement candidates. Odd colors may get attention but may also distract from the messaging.

Know the rules. Many political logos incorporate other symbols, such as stars, political party symbols or state flags. There may be local rules or laws that prohibit what can appear on signage or campaign websites. Learn the restrictions, so you don’t run into problems later.

Keep it consistent. Once you have a campaign logo design, don’t change it halfway through the race. A good part of voter branding is in your logo, and if you change it, you’ll lose much of that connection.

Your existing campaign logo may not translate well to web. If you already have a print design logo created, it will probably need to be tweaked a bit to make it work online. For example, your design may have a border on it. That may look great on a sign, but it may look blocky when used in a website header. Sometimes we will remove borders or tweak the logo layout flow better with a candidate’s head shot or background image. The key is to keep the overall branding so the average voter can immediately recognize the logo no matter where they see it.

Campaign Website Design

Political Logo DesignsWho Will Create Your Campaign Logo?

Many smaller campaigns have their logos designed by a print shop when they produce their first mailing. Other campaigns may have a volunteer create a logo, or a professional may be hired to do the job.

No matter who designs your logo, you will want to have a high-resolution version to use for other purposes. This means the image is saved at 300 dpi in a jpg, tif, png, or eps format.

Some of our clients already have a logo when start their campaign website. If client does not have one, or wants a better one, we will design a campaign logo for them to use in their website header. We also provide a high-res version of their logo or banner to the client for use in their print or other advertising materials.

See our full design gallery. For graphic artists, we also provide downloadable political logo templates.

Our Regular and Enhanced Website Packages includes a custom header, logo and color design – and we provide high-res version of your designed site logo or header – for FREE! Why pay hundreds to have a designer create a custom campaign logo for you? We’ll create one for you – and it’s included with your package.


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