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Tips for Writing Your Political Candidate Biography

Anyone running for office needs to write a political candidate biography. A good story adds a personal touch to your campaign. It provides information about your background, qualifications, and your positions on important issues. Your candidate... Read More

handling negative social media for political campaign

Handling Negative Posts About Your Campaign

Politics – and especially local politics – can be vicious, especially on the web. And if you are a candidate, watch out! You will certainly face some sort of abuse online. It may be in posts, comments, or even through memes and... Read More

political campaign disclaimers

Three Essential Political Website Disclaimers

All US jurisdictions have laws covering the use of disclosure statements on political advertising. Specific items that both require a political disclosure statement include billboards, bumper stickers, sample ballots, newspaper ads, TV and radio ads,... Read More

confused voters

Confusing Messaging Only Confuses Voters

The old KISS principle means keep it simple, stupid. It basically means that things work best if they are kept simple rather than complicated. The principle works in design. It works in systems. And the KISS principle works in politics. A winning... Read More

Local Election Laws And Your Campaign Website

Although the web is often considered a freewheeling environment, local election laws still apply to online political campaigning. As a candidate, it’s essential to know what local election laws apply online before you start your digital... Read More