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Speak Like a Voter, Win Like a Candidate

Are you watching your language? I’m talking about the language of your campaign as you reach out to voters. In your advertising, speeches, and one-to-one interactions, are you conversing with or talking down to your audience? How do you talk down... Read More

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Making Your Campaign’s FAQs Work Harder for You

One problem facing local political campaign websites is that there just isn’t enough content. There are times when we get little information about a candidate, their positions, or even why they are running. A lack of material makes building out a... Read More

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Storytelling: Your Secret Campaign Weapon

If this is your first campaign for political office, there’s one tool you absolutely need to use: storytelling. A smart politician knows that most voters remember stories and narratives, not facts and figures. Connections are not made by listing... Read More

Write an Optimized Political Press Release

A well-written online press release is an essential publicity tool for political campaigning. Think of a press release as a concise, news-driven narrative about your campaign, specifically crafted for distribution to media contacts. In this article, we... Read More