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Explore the art of political writing. Master content strategy for your campaign’s digital and print materials. Discover how to write and communicate your message powerfully to sway voters and win elections.

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Storytelling: Your Secret Campaign Weapon

If this is your first campaign for political office, there’s one tool you absolutely need to use: storytelling. A smart politician knows that most voters remember stories and narratives, not facts and figures. Connections are not made by listing... Read More

Write an Optimized Political Press Release

A well-written online press release is an essential publicity tool for political campaigning. Think of a press release as a concise, news-driven narrative about your campaign, specifically crafted for distribution to media contacts. In this article, we... Read More

Tips for Writing Your Political Candidate Biography

Anyone running for office needs to write a political candidate biography. A good story adds a personal touch to your campaign. It provides information about your background, qualifications, and positions on important issues. Your candidate biography is... Read More