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Explore the art of political writing. Master content strategy for your campaign’s digital and print materials. Discover how to write and communicate your message powerfully to sway voters and win elections.

Campaign Writing Can Make or Break a Vote

First impressions will make or break a voter’s support. The campaign material you distribute should always be your best work. Recently, a local candidate running for village trustee left some campaign literature at our door. I had not heard of... Read More

In Which Tense Should You Write Your Website Copy?

We’ve recently had a few clients reach out to us, concerned that their campaign websites are not ranking as well as expected for candidate name searches. Generally, this has to do with the age of the site, the existing content that ranks and... Read More

How To Use Authoritative Linking for Your Campaign

The content of your political campaign website always appears stronger when it’s backed up by credible sources. Credible online sources include newspaper websites, magazine sites, large organizations and prominent think tanks. When writing about... Read More

Online Writing Tips For Local Campaigns

The web provides a cost-effective method for political candidates and campaigns to reach voters and supporters. However, writing for a website is different than writing for print. Simply copying your campaign print material onto your website limits the... Read More