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Explore the art of political writing. Master content strategy for your campaign’s digital and print materials. Discover how to write and communicate your message powerfully to sway voters and win elections.

Campaign Email Templates Ebook Released

We are pleased to announce our latest ebook – Political Email Templates.  These email message templates are designed for easy editing and integration in your campaign email correspondence. Modify, reword and expand the text to suit your... Read More

Creating a Political Campaign Swipe File

In marketing, a swipe file is a collection of excellent sales letters and materials that provide an easy reference for ideas for creative projects. Maintaining a swipe file is a common practice for advertising copywriters and creative directors. You... Read More

When a State Flag or Local Emblem Causes Trouble

Are you planning to spruce up your campaign website with a dash of local flavor, like your state flag or a municipal emblem? Well, hold on, because you might be stepping on a legal landmine without even knowing it. It’s possible that the state... Read More

Squeezing The Most From Your Campaign Landing Pages

In the world of online marketing, building a targeted email list allows the merchant to market their product and service to this select group with a higher degree of success. The same technique applies to political email marketing. In this article, we... Read More