Campaign Press ReleaseA well-written online press release in an excellent way to build publicity. Think of a press release as a short, newsworthy article about your campaign or candidate that is distributed to relevant media contacts.

With the rise of the web in political campaigning, press releases that are optimized for search engines can create a significant traffic boost to your website. They can become a point of entry as web searchers find your campaign or online press kit as a result of a search engine query.

Before you create a press release, make sure you actually have a newsworthy story. Each press release should focus on a single story or issue. For example, it may relate to:

  • Entry into a political race
  • Upcoming event or fundraiser
  • Position statement
  • Key endorsements
  • News related to the campaign
  • Reaction to event or opponent’s action
  • A public apology
  • Post-election announcement

Your press release should have a catchy title and sub headline of about ten words or less. The title should be precise and interesting. Be sure to add relevant keyword phrases, such as location or office, into your title and sub headline.

The first paragraph should sum up the release’s content, almost as a sample, before delving into the meat of the story. You may want to start with an attention-grabbing fact related to the subject of your press release. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short. Again, try to add relevant keyword phrases in your text, while still maintaining a natural, readable text flow.

Go into more detail throughout the main body of the release, expanding on the initial opening paragraph. Include research or statistics from credible sources. Keep the tone businesslike and write in the active voice. Don’t include personal or unrelated details, or your press release will likely end up ignored.

Your closing paragraph should repeat the main point of the release and direct the reader as to where they can go for more information. Include a contact name, email address, website, telephone and fax numbers.

Keep your press releases to a maximum of 300 words – and be sure to proofread them before submission!

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By Shane Daley


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