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Write an Optimized Political Press Release

A well-written online press release is an essential publicity tool for political campaigning. Think of a press release as a concise, news-driven narrative about your campaign, specifically crafted for distribution to media contacts. In this article, we... Read More

announcing your political campaign

Announcing Your Candidacy for Political Office

Successful political campaigns start with a big announcement. Of course, there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes before a candidate can publicly declare a candidacy. In this article, we will go through the steps and strategies in... Read More

Why Local Political Candidates Need Thick Skins

The more public the figure, the bigger the target for attack. And if you are a candidate running for office, then, like it or not, you are considered a public figure. This means that legally, a candidate can do little against unflattering letters to... Read More

Do Candidate Endorsements Matter?

Political candidates can increase name recognition and establish credibility and by winning endorsements. While the value of candidate endorsements in gaining votes is debatable, some endorsements can bring particular benefits. For example, local... Read More

Local Campaign Letters to the Editor

When it comes down to it, letters to the local newspaper editor is a form of campaign advertising. Of course, the letters are the opinions of the writers, but they typically represent honest views and bring up points or subject matter not covered in... Read More