We are barely past the 2018 elections, so who wants to think about Election Day 2019?

Smart candidates, that’s who.

Even if you are running for local office, the time to get started on your campaign is NOW.

Filing periods for 2019 municipal elections are coming up fast. It doesn’t matter if you are running for mayor, a city council, a position on school board or for a library district. If you don’t have your paperwork in on time, you won’t make it on the ballot.

Some campaigns also wait to get their online campaigns rolling. That’s a mistake, too.

We’ve actually had candidates set up campaign websites in October for a November elections. Thirty days out from Election Day is not enough time to ramp up an online campaign. If you haven’t built a web presence by then, then you better have a lot of money for paid advertising.

Your voters are online. Your volunteers will connect with you online. Your donors will contribute online. Most campaigns raise their first dollar online. Having a website early in the process makes sense.

If you are not familiar with social media, start with personal accounts. For local candidates, that means using Facebook and Twitter. Your personal connections through those platforms will be the first people you will notify about your campaign announcements. They will be the first followers of your later campaign social media accounts.

That’s right; you need a split between your personal and campaign social media accounts. Don’t mix the two.

By building online support early, you have built-in momentum for when you announce your candidacy.

Combining offline and online efforts is an effective strategy. Planning how you will do that is essential.

Just remember, your election is closer than you think!

Online Candidate has been helping candidates win elections since 2004.

Contact us today to get started on your next online campaign!

Running for Office as an Online Candidate, available in digital and print, provides a blueprint for using the web to help you win your election.





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