As an end of the year wrap-up, we present our most popular articles of 2016. Some articles are popular year after year, but we do have a few new entrants in the list…

2016 was an interesting – and decisive – year for politics. Many smaller elections were crowded out by the overwhelming presidential campaign. But with over 500 thousand elected offices in the United States, there is plenty of important activity on the local level. As they say, democracy is not a spectator sport. Building a future is in all our hands.

Thank you to all our clients! A record number used our  Monthly Option, while others opted for our custom design campaign website packages. Many took advantage of our Site Launch and Social Media Setup Options. Going forward, we are expanding into WordPress campaign website design.

We look forward to the next election cycle – and wish everyone a happy, safe and winning New Year!

We appreciate all the positive feedback, referrals and returning clients. We look forward to serving your political campaign website needs in 2017 and beyond.




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