Running for school board is a bit of different than running for other local offices. Campaign spending is generally less, and the time for campaigning is generally limited to a few weeks before election day.

Year after year, education is ranked as a top voter concern, yet voter turnout rates for school board elections remain low. One major reason for the low level of voter turnout is that school elections often occur on dates that differ from general elections. Some advocates have suggested combining school board, board of education and school budget elections with other local and state elections that generally have a higher turnout rate.

Because of the unique situation of these elections, the winner often becomes the person who can get more people to the polls. That requires getting your supporters motivated enough to go out on that odd day and actually cast a vote.

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School Board Website Designs

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School Board Campaign Websites

A school board campaign website is a great way to publicly state your platform, inform your supporters of the issues, and as a tool to help get them to the polls. We’ve helped many school board candidates and school board president candidates win their elections.

With a choice of four affordable website options, political campaigns of all sizes can build a great online presence to reach voters and build support.

  • Our Lite Campaign Website Package features customized color schemes to select, hosting, contact forms, mail list and more! You add the content to build a powerful online presence. We have great default color schemes and header images that are perfect for school board election candidates.
  • Our Regular Campaign Website Package features a custom template design. We create a custom website header and other template modifications to create a unique look.
  • The Enhanced Website Package includes custom template design, the ability to update pages, a poll, calendar, integrated forms and the ability to add blog posts. In addition, this package allows campaigns to add event forms, additional pages and multiple user accounts. The Enhanced package also includes data capture of all submitted forms, allowing campaigns to easily incorporate this data into their marketing efforts.
  • Our Monthly Campaign Website Option is designed for political campaigns starting with a tight budget and do not want to go with one of our extended website packages. The Monthly Option features recurring billing that can be cancelled at any time.

Online Candidate provides the hosting, design and tools necessary to build a winning online presence. Our platform is designed to help your raise money, recruit supporters and spread the word.

Getting your campaign website started should be the easiest part of your campaign. Order now and have your website up in minutes. Learn more about our campaign website packages.

Need Campaign Print Materials?

Looking for campaign brochure templates for your school board election? Creating a well-designed political brochure can require top publishing and graphic software. Add in the cost of hiring a professional designer, and a school board election campaign can quickly eat up its budget.

For those without access to Quark and InDesign can still design and self-publish attractive campaign materials. Professionally designed Word brochure templates are a great way to create consistent-looking materials that will distinguish your campaign from the competition.

Our campaign website packages are an affordable way to win any school board campaign. We also carry school board brochure templates.


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