Campaign fundraising letter templates are a great tool to help craft an effective appeals for funding and donations. But as a tool, letter templates do have limits. For a campaign to truly succeed in raising funds and cash, your fundraising letters need to written with care.

Potential donors do not want to read plain, run-of-the-mill appeal for donations. An endless rotation of form letters begging for cash will only turn off potential donors and cause them to do nothing more than keep their wallets shut.

Sample fundraising letter templates are just that – templates. Simply filling in a candidate name and dollar amount will not do the trick. It takes time to modify a template to fit the specifics of a particular candidate, campaign and donation appeal. Every voter has particular issues and needs that should be weaved into the narrative of your letter.

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Your fund raising appeals should be crafted with care. Whether you are using them as mailers or as e-mail solicitations to your supporters, there should be specific goals related to that each solicitation of money. Donation appeals should be genuinely crafted to appeal to readers on both a personal and emotional level. A template helps with the letter structure and provides proven phrasing to tie it all together into copy that sells.

Add a few sentences about how and why a donor’s gift will make a difference to the campaign. There should be specific reason why that donation is critical and necessary. It might be to get a last message out to the voters before the primaries, to fund a final mailing before the election or to help get another 100 campaign signs printed to replace those that were stolen early on in the campaign.

Let your donors know what their past donations have helped accomplish. Show them how that last mailing pushed through your success in the primaries, or how the donor last push was used to send two new brochures to the local voters. Past success inspires future support and repeat donations.

Give your donors a set date in which to reply and donate. Time-sensitive requests often get a better response, because there is an incentive to act sooner than later. Remember to include an addressed envelope. If you can afford it, stamp it as well. Many people would rather donate a small amount than to let a stamp go to waste.

Finally, let your donors know about your campaign website and their ability to donate through your website. Many donors who won’t take the time to open a checkbook will make a quick online donation.

Below is a Sample Fundraising Letter Template for political candidates.

Sample Political Fundraising Letter

Used properly, donation letter templates can be useful to any local political campaign. They can inspire ideas and help structure an appeal for maximum effectiveness. With personalization and the addition specific goals, you can connect with your donor base and raise the funds needed to sustain a successful campaign.

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