IP Targeting has become a secret weapon for political campaigns. While Geo-targeting uses groups of IP addresses to target an area, IP Targeting uses individual IP addresses to reach specific voter households.

That means registered Democrats, Republicans, and independents can all receive tailored messaging that is verified and based on empirical data, not online cookies or “predictive models”.

IP Targeting works by using a technology that matches IP addresses to a list of names and street addresses and then displays your digital ad only to those people on websites they visit across the internet. Your ads reach the your exact target households. IP targeting is superior to geo-targeting because it allows you to target your advertising to specific households and businesses.

Political IP Targeting

  • Online get out the vote (GOTV) campaigns are a great way to engage with your voters. Political IP targeting can help ensure that you are reaching specific households that you know support your campaign.
  • Campaigns can also reach out to specific voter groups by various demographics, such as income, language or interest. You can tailor your advertising messaging to each individual audience for greater impact and response.
  • Ip-backed campaigns are 50 to 100 times more targeted then television, 6 to 60 times more effective than other online ads, and have an average click-through rate (CTR) 3.2 times higher than industry averages.

From campaign messaging, donations requests to Get Out The Vote reminders, you can tailor and target your advertising messaging for a specific audience for greater impact and response.

Online Candidate is now offering IP Targeting advertising services for political campaigns and organizations. Learn how you can get started.


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