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There are more options than every for political candidates to reach voters and constituents. Learn about online political advertising and digital marketing strategies. Find out more about pay per click, social media ads, IP targeting and SMS texting.

New Service: Campaign Promo Video Creation

Need to kick off your YouTube channel and embed a video into your campaign website? We can create an intro video branded with your campaign and messaging. Check out the example below to see what it’s like. Sample Campaign Intro Video. Click to... Read More

Tips For Great Political Campaign Photos

From brochures to websites to press releases, political photography plays an important role for any political candidate. We live in a visual world, so your images need to be compelling and help tell a story to voters. Besides your campaign logo and... Read More

Crowdfunding Your Political Campaign

Is crowdfunding a good option for starting your political campaign? This technique for raising money has been used for years for projects and products. Recently the technique has grown in popularity for political purposes. Crowdfunding sites set... Read More

political sign frequently asked questions

Common Political Campaign Sign Questions

Yard signs have long been a mainstay for political campaigns. They show support for a candidate or cause. When you see lawn signs blanketing your neighborhood, you know that Election Day is coming soon. Key Takeaways The most common sign dimensions... Read More

6 Ways to Add Interactivity to Your Campaign Website

Adding interactivity to your campaign website can help keep visitors engaged and provide something they can pass along to others. Here are several easy ways to increase interactivity to your site. Best of all, you don’t need a large budget or... Read More