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There are more options than every for political candidates to reach voters and constituents. Learn about online political advertising and digital marketing strategies. Find out more about pay per click, social media ads, IP targeting and SMS texting.

5 Ways To Connect With Voters Online

It may be the dog days of summer, but political candidates should make sure they are staying on top of their campaign activities and making themselves visible to the public. If you’re planning an election that’s still months away, there are... Read More

Local Campaigning Under Crisis

With current pandemic, people are worried about their family’s safety and well-bring. Right now, voters have little concern for the US presidential campaign – even less in state and local races. Despite the disruption, politics and... Read More

Campaign Email Templates Ebook Released

We are pleased to announce our latest ebook – Political Email Templates.  These email message templates are designed for easy editing and integration in your campaign email correspondence. Modify, reword and expand the text to suit your... Read More