What should I write for my campaign website?

This is a question that comes up occasionally when we get a new campaign website client. Sometimes the candidate has just started their campaign and has not prepared their content ahead of time.

The candidate may know why they are running, but has never had to put that reason to words. One way to distill a campaign to its essence is to break it down as if everything had to fit in a single brochure. This means creating effective subheaders, short sentences and bullet-point lists. The elements that make material readable for a brochure also makes it readable online.

Writing content for a home page or issue page generally comes down to :

  • Why a candidate is running or how they see an issue(s).
  • How they will address an issue(s) and perhaps why they are qualified to deal with the issue.
  • Followed with a call to action of some type for each page. This includes ‘vote for’, ‘support’ and ‘donate’ requests.

Another way to inspire your creativity is to see what others running for a similar office have written. Obviously, you can’t just copy another candidate’s biography or platform. That’s unethical and, frankly, too easy to discover on the web.

To help create initial website content, we’ve put together some sample text and copy on our client resource site. This material can be used for general political, judicial, sheriff and school board websites. There are several thousand words of good phrasing to swipe and inspire ideas from.

Of course, every campaign and candidate is different. The material is designed to provide a starting point for writing. It does require editing to make it useful and unique.

We recently updated and expanded our sample content. We hope you find this useful in creating your website.

Bonus tip: Writing in the third person is better for search engines. If you write in the first person, the search engines won’t know who “I” is – unless you use ‘pull quotes’ and a third-person call to action to incorporate your name into the copy.

See our sample website copy examples at OnlineCandidateResources.com. If you are an Online Candidate client, you can log into your website administration for access instructions for sample website copy, articles and tools.




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