fundraising chicken and eggFundraising might not be fun for political candidates, but it’s a necessity. People can win elections on a shoestring budget, but that’s the exception. Typically, the candidate that can raise and spend the most money tends to win.

The problem for many local and down-ballot candidates is getting enough financial traction to attract enough initial donors. Without enough money, it’s hard to convince donors that your campaign is viable, but building the campaign to a viable status requires money.

It’s the classic chicken-and-egg scenario.

Early on, it’s all about raising seed money. Once a campaign organization is formed and the bank account created, a campaign usually kicks off with an initial fundraiser involving a candidate’s family and close friends.

If you’ve run for office before, you already have a list of people who have invested in your political career and will likely do so again.  If this is your first time running, you can look to donors of other candidates in your party or even enemies of your political opponents.

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Odds are, you’ll need to put in your own money at the start. After all, if you aren’t willing to spend some of your own money to get elected, why should anyone else?

It’s also about image. Print your fundraising letters and materials on attractive stock. Your presentation should make it appear that your campaign is already motion and growing. Donors want to support a possible winner, not bet on a potential long-shot.

That’s one reason why online campaigning is a great strategy. A nice campaign website can make your organization look larger than it really is. Social media, online news articles and campaign press releases can enhance that perspective and can help generate real interest and attention from donors and voters.

Best of all, the barriers to online fundraising have dropped over the last decade. If you have a campaign bank account, then setting up a donation system is simple. With a website as your online hub, you can use social media such as Facebook and Twitter, email, paid online advertising and even offline promotion to solicit support.

With a little up front money and some work, it makes perfect sense for any candidate to start campaigning online as early as possible.

Break that fundraising chicken-and-egg cycle and start focusing on the important thing – winning your election!

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