Campaign yard signs are a valuable part of any election strategy. Even if you are not a fan of yard signs, they are a must-have if you are a political candidate. Your opponents will be using them, so you don’t want to be left out.

There are different opinions as to to when is the best time to put up your signs. Generally, you should put up your campaign signs between four to eight weeks before the primary or general election. This allows for enough time to build name recognition with voters. If you put your signs up too early, they may lose impact as voters become ‘blind’ to them. If you put campaign signs up too late, they may not get the exposure you desire.

Of course, before you can display your signs, you need to order them.

Ideally, you should start the ordering process about two months before you need them. Having the yard signs ready to go early will help avoid a lot of logistical problems. Normal sign production is about 5 days and shipping time can be anywhere between 1 to 4 days. To be save you should give yourself a minimum of at least two weeks.

Whatever you do, don’t put off ordering until the last minute. Putting a ‘rush’ on a printing job will just add stress and cost to the project. It may also lead to unintended errors. It’s better to get your signs designed and ordered early. Have them ready for when you need them.

You may want to place a few orders. You may want to start with some standard 18×24 inch yard signs. Most political yard sign printers allow for batches as small as 50. As people request your signs, you’ll get an idea of how many more you need. As the campaign goes on, you may want to buy more and larger signs, like 4×8 foot road signs or billboards.

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What makes for a good campaign sign?

You will only have a few seconds of a viewer’s attention, so the key to a good political sign content is for it to stand out. It should contain a short, memorable phrase with the candidate’s name and office like “Vote for Smith” or “Smith for Judge”.

Your signs should be readable and have high contrast of dark and light. Most political logos are readable in this way. Your sign design should match your other campaign materials such as your brochures and campaign website. Yard signs are part of your campaign’s branding, so it’s not a place to get creative.

When placing your signs, follow the rules

Before you put up any yard signs, check your local election rules on when and where signs can be placed. There may be restrictions on sizes, as well. You should also know when your signs must be taken down. (It’s usually within a week of Election Day.)

Check with your election board about sign placement at polling locations on Election Day. Some districts allow for signs, some don’t. If your district does allow signs, there will be specific regulations as to the size and distance from the polling place. You will also want to have enough signs available to place them on Election Day.

Whether you are campaigning for mayor, sheriff, judge, school board member or even a state senator, a smart campaign sign strategy will boost your chances of victory.

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