No matter the changes or trends in politics, yard signs were and still remain a mainstay of political campaigning. We’ve written about signage several times over the years. For newer readers who may have missed some posts, you’ll find them all here in once place!

Campaign Yard Sign Design Tips

Over time, a single campaign sign can be seen by hundreds or even thousands of people. Multiply that effect by the total number of yard signs promoting a campaign, and you have a powerful way to build candidate name recognition.

Get the Most From Your Campaign Yard Signs

Having a successful sign placement strategy is vital to make sure the money spent has a substantial impact on the voters. Name recognition is a high priority for candidates and political lawn signs are very effective if used properly.

Common Campaign Sign Questions

We reached out to with some common questions about campaign yard signs. From the answers we got, it looks like consistency and simplicity is the key to success…

Leveraging Campaign Yard Signs Online

In a tight race, you are always trying to get the edge over your opponent. One way to stand out is to combine offline campaign tactics with online ones. When field and the campaign’s web team are working together, great things happen. Campaigns can even leverage the humble yard sign to connect with voters.

Vehicle Wraps for Political Campaigns

A complete vehicle wrap can take things to a whole different level, turning any car or truck into a rolling campaign billboard.

Great Uses For Old Campaign Signs

Once the election is over, the campaign signs remain. Here are some creative ways to get rid of your signs without throwing them out.

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