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Free ‘Don’t Forget To Vote’ Graphic Templates

Just in time for Election Day, here are two free social media templates that you can customize and share with followers to help get out the vote. One graphic design template is sized for Facebook, the other for Twitter. Customize them the way you want.... Read More

judge logo designs

Judicial Campaign Logo Design

The use of campaign logos for judicial elections is a relatively recent phenomenon and it has been found to play a significant role in the success of a campaign. A judicial campaign logo allows supporters to easily identify and associate themselves... Read More

School Board Campaign Logo Design

School board campaign logos are primarily used to represent a specific candidate and to establish a connection with parents and voters. Candidates for local school boards need a logo design that will help them rise above the noise and show off what... Read More

Logo design for sheriff campaigns

Sheriff Campaign Logo Design

As you begin to brand your campaign, your sheriff logo should be designed so that it is recognizable at first glance by potential voters. It should embody the values and ideals of a sheriff, who is in charge of upholding justice for the... Read More