The issue of removing a person from access to online campaign accounts has been an issue that has come up for a few of our clients. Here’s a repost of our advice…

Volunteers are an important part of virtually every political campaign. No matter what you are running for, the bulk of your campaign work will be performed by volunteers. This may also include your online campaign efforts. Sometimes things don’t go well, though, and you’ll find that you will need to restrict or eliminate a volunteer’s access to your online accounts.

Here are the steps you’ll want to take:

1) Get a list of all the accounts that the volunteer has access to. This includes social media accounts, email accounts, website logins, etc.

2) Make sure all those logins work.

3) Change the passwords to those accounts. Give them to the new person or persons who will be using those accounts.

4) If the user email address in the account is not controlled by the campaign, you’ll need to change or disable the account’s email address, so they cannot possibly retrieve their passwords via email.

5) Inform the volunteer that you are pulling them from the accounts.

Every situation is different, and the reasons why you may want to revoke a volunteer’s access may vary. It’s probably better to ‘fire’ someone early in the work week. Never do this on a Friday, because then they can “stew about it” over the weekend and/or start making disparaging posts about the candidate or the campaign if they become upset for being ‘let go’.

While there’s no guarantee that there won’t be complaints or some sort of online payback, at least your campaign accounts will be safe.

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By Shane Daley


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