We get asked this question a lot when clients launch their new campaign websites. Some people are alarmed when they don’t see themselves for a name search within hours of going live with a website. Others know that it takes a little time to appear on Google – though often not as long as they think!

To start, your website should be optimized for the search engines before it launches. At the simplest level, this means that each page title and meta description should be descriptive and unique. You should also have enough copy on your major pages. How much us enough? 400-500 words should do it.

Your pages should be cross-linked where possible. For example, you may want to link the name of the candidate to the site’s home page or the ‘about’ page. When you mention a specific issue, you’ll want to link that text to the issue’s page.

Once your site is optimized and launched, you’ll need links and time in order to to get indexed in Google and the other major search engines. We’ve covered initial link building ideas already. The key is get those links as soon as possible, and to keep building new links to your site from different sources throughout your campaign. Typical link sources come from press releases, social media updates, news outlets, and other blogs and websites.

Bottom line? With the right links, Google can find and index your website within hours. You may even start ranking for campaign-related terms right away.  How well you rank going forward depends on your website content, content from competing websites, whether your site continues to produce fresh content, and the quality of links that point to your website.

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