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Reach Voters With Digital GOTV Strategies

As Election Day draws near, it’s time to give a final push to your supporters.  An effective Get Out The Vote (GOTV) strategy can make a difference. While your campaign ramps up its direct mail, phone and in-person efforts, don’t forget... Read More

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One Vote Can Make All The Difference

It’s true. A single vote can change the course of a local election – or it can even change history! Consider these examples: By one vote in 1875, France chose a republican rather than a monarchical form of government. One vote cost King... Read More

Campaign Writing Can Make or Break a Vote

First impressions will make or break a voter’s support. The campaign material you distribute should always be your best work. Recently, a local candidate running for village trustee left some campaign literature at our door. I had not heard of... Read More

Local Campaign Letters to the Editor

When it comes down to it, letters to the local newspaper editor is a form of campaign advertising. Of course, the letters are the opinions of the writers, but they typically represent honest views and bring up points or subject matter not covered in... Read More