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political candidates are under time pressure

Political Campaigns Aren’t Won By Part-Timers

We get it. You likely have a full-time job that keeps you busy. And depending on the elected position and the circumstances of your race, you may not need to run a 24/7 campaign. But if you are going to run for office, you need to understand what you... Read More

The political campaign Manager

Why Every Candidate Needs a Campaign Manager

This year, there was a candidate in our area who managed everything herself. It was basically a one-person operation. She encountered early problems in organizing volunteers and raising funds. Volunteer interest waned as time went on. The problems... Read More

Putting Together a Great Political Campaign Team

Putting together an effective campaign team is crucial for any political candidate. It doesn’t matter if you are running for local city council or US Congress; no candidate can do it alone. A solid campaign team allows for a division of labor and the... Read More

How Many Votes Do You Need To Win?

How many votes do you need to win a local election? In its most simple form, the winning formula is: Expected Vote x .50 + 1 vote = Minimum Votes to Win (50%) Expected Vote x .52 = Comfortable Margin of Victory (52%) That’s the quick and dirty... Read More