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Check Out Our New Political Platform Tool

Coming up with campaign slogan isn't too hard. The real work comes when it's time to come up with a political platform to attract voters. We can help!

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Running for Office in 2015 – Our Takeaways

The online political landscape has changed significantly over the last decade. As move into 2015 and beyond, trends will continue to evolve and some new technologies will take off.

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Top Online Candidate 2014 Posts

As an end of the year wrap-up, we present our most popular articles of 2013. Some articles are popular year after year, but we do have a few new entrants in the list...

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More Features Across The Board!

We have great news for our clients as we head into the 2015 election cycle!

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Last-Minute Campaign Websites

Even though election day grows near, there's still time to create your local campaign website. We have a fast turnaround period, so we can get your site designed within a few days!

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Campaign Websites

Online Candidate takes the pain and difficulty out of setting up and maintaining a website. You control your site and can easily update it at any time.

Order now and have your website up in minutes. With four affordable options, Online Candidate is the fastest way to get your political website up and running.

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Digital Combo Package

Political Campaign Letter Templates

Political Domain Name Sale!

Register your .DEMOCRAT or .REPUBLICAN domain for just $7.99. (If available, non-premium domains only.)

Helping candidates WIN elections since 2004!

Political campaign website design for Republican, Democratic or Independent candidates.