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While we are known for our campaign website services, some clients are surprised to know that we also perform other related web services.

Our Online Candidate Add-on Services are designed to help build your online presence beyond the website.

Save time and effort. Each service is self-contained and a fixed price. They are designed to meet the needs of new political campaigns and candidates.

The Mailchimp Setup and Integration is our latest service.

Here is a quick rundown of our additional services:

Social Media Graphics
We will rescale and modify your website header so it can be used as your Facebook cover image and Twitter account background.

Site Launch Package
This service is designed to help your site get an initial promotional boost to rank well in the search engines. We handle all the details and turn the accounts over to you on completion.

Site Launch Package + Social Media Setup
Includes the services of the Site Launch Package and Social Media Graphics, plus setup of your campaign Facebook Page and Twitter account.

Mailchimp Setup and Integration
Save time and get your email campaign started the right way. Let us set up and configure your Mailchimp account so you can concentrate on your campaign.

Custom Design Upgrade (Lite Package and Monthly Option)
Turn your template-based design into a custom look. We’ll create a website header with your campaign colors, logo, background and candidate head shot. We also modify your site colors, font and background for a unique look.

Initial Site Content Setup
Save time with initial content setup. We’ll arrange your site text and images for a pleasing design. After that, it’s all in your control. This site setup is performed ONCE with the materials provided. (This service is included with our Enhanced Website Package.)

Any website add-on service can be ordered with your initial website order or as an add-on at a later time.

Voter Data
Select from demographic, issue categories and even voting history. Your list is provided in different formats including mail, phone, walk, telemarketing and standard CSV. Use with IP Targeting, mailings and other purposes. Request a quote.

IP Targeting Services
By matching a physical address to a specific IP with extreme precision, IP Targeting becomes a secret weapon for political campaigns. With up to 80% of traditional advertising failing to reach its target audience, consider how much money you could save by getting the right message to the right people at the right time. Learn more.

For more information, visit our political marketing services page.


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