What Is Your Campaign Website Missing [Infographic]

Preparing for your campaign website or recently launched one? Make sure your site includes this important information! Read More...

OnlineCandidate.com Partners with eSSENTIAL Accessibility to Offer Politicians an Easy Solution for Better Reaching, Serving and Empowering People with Disabilities

Online Candidate has partnered with eSSENTIAL Accessibility to offer its clients the option of adding an assistive technology app to their homepage when using onlinecandidate.com to build their campaign websites. The eSSENTIAL Accessibility app gives people who have trouble typing, moving a mouse or reading, the tools they need to better access the Web. Politicians who use Online Candidate to build their website and feature the app are able to better connect with and serve their constituents with disabilities by creating a more inclusive online environment. Read More...

Best Practices When Linking to News Stories

news articlesAre you making the most about what is written about your or your political opponent? Here are a few simple tips to promote online news stories and help build your online reputation at the same time. Read More...

Online Candidate Hangout: Campaign Domain Names

political campaign domainsWe’re going to hold our first Google Hangout On Air this week – and you’re invited! Read More...

We’ve Updated Our Campaign Website Design Gallery

For a number of years we had hosted our sample design galleries off-site. Now we’ve finally integrated the section directly into OnlineCandidate.com. Took long enough, but we think it was worth the effort! Read More...


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The Online Candidate Story

Our first campaign website was built for a local candidate in 2003. The site was successful and had a huge impact on the election. It helped raise issue awareness, and it forced the opponent to spend (lots of) money on a competing site. In the end, our candidate won! The success with that campaign gave us the idea of using our web skills to help other local candidates.

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