Other Online Candidate Services

campaign website solutionsWe provide a number of related services beyond political website design and campaign resources.

Campaign Website Addons

To help you get your online campaign up and running as quickly and easily as possible, we offer a number of marketing addon service options to our campaign website packages.

Non-Political Websites

Like the Online Candidate system and want to use it for other sites? We have a non-political version of the system.

  • Easily convert without losing your existing content.
  • Get the same functionality and ease of use.
  • We can update your design and even move the site to a brand new domain.
  • We’ll even apply your remaining hosting time toward the new website!

We also provide custom WordPress website design services. Contact us to discuss your options.

Campaign Signs

Super Cheap Signs currently ships over 10,000 yard signs, banners and other printing products to 50 states every week. They offer customizable yard signs, banners, stickers, car magnets, and other printed materials, plus all the accessories you need to keep your signs in the right place. If you are an Online Candidate website client, we can provide your original hi-res website graphics to make your signage and website look seamless. Request a Quote.

Political IP Targeting

By matching a physical address to a specific IP with extreme precision, IP Targeting becomes a secret weapon for political campaigns. With up to 80% of traditional advertising failing to reach your target audience, consider how much money you could save by getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time. Learn more.

Political Consultants and Managers

Are you a political consultant or campaign manager seeking a reliable web designer for your clients? Consider partnering with Online Candidate® to streamline your campaign website needs. Learn more.


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