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Judicial Campaign WebsitesOn Election Day, when voters reach the judicial elections on the ballot, how many simply skip them? Do they just guess who vote for, because the candidate is Democratic or Republican? Or do they just vote for a familiar name? With the challenges of judicial elections being similar to other local elected positions, a judicial campaign website can help voters know more about the candidate for judge and help them win their election.

Online Candidate takes the difficulty out of building and maintaining your campaign website. Perfect for judges, municipal court judge, county court judge, magistrate, and justice of the peace candidates.

Order now and start your website in minutes. With four affordable options, Online Candidate is the fastest way to get your political website up and running.

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running for judgeA campaign website allows judicial candidates can inform voters about their qualifications, a candidate biography and a description of the court where they want to serve. Voters can use this information to help them make wise choices on important judicial posts - from municipal court justices to supreme court judges.

Here is some important content to include when developing a judicial candidate website:

  • Home Page: The home page text should change often, but to start, you may want to create a ‘letter to voters’ announcing your campaign, why you are running and what you hope to accomplish if you win. In time, you can update this text to include new developments or to shift your focus from awareness to support-gathering.
  • Biography/Resume: Start off with some personal information, such as family, time lived in the area, hobbies, etc. Then take your resume and work it into a short biography. Keep it short and bullet-pointed, but don’t simply make it a list of your work history. Work in a few words about what you did in those positions. Electing someone is more than just whether are qualified - voters need to like you as well.
  • Issues/Positions: This is the heart of your website content, and the most unique content you will create. Stake your positions against those of your opponent.
  • Endorsements: Include organizations and direct quotes, where possible. Endorsements can be added throughout your site, particularly where they are relevant to a particular issue.
  • Voter Registration Information: Link to your state and/or county online voting registration pages.

Use your website to keep in touch with supporters and send voting reminders before Election Day!

Want to convert your website to a private practice or law firm website? We can help there, too.

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One Platform

Get your web design, hosting and ability to control your site all in one package. Your site comes pre-populated with standard pages to help you get started fast.


Great-Looking Design

Look your best with a fantastic custom design or professionally-designed templates. Responsive design means your site looks great on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Logo Included

Need a campaign logo? We'll create one for you with our custom design - plus we'll give you a high-res version to use in your print materials for FREE.

Fundraise Online

Fully integrate with Raise the Money and PayPal - or use any donation service you want. Best of all, we don't charge extra or act as a middleman with your fundraising.

Leverage Social Media

Connect and engage voters by linking your Facebook, Twitter and social media accounts. Visitors can share your content with others, helping to spread the word.

Recruit Volunteers

Recruit others with a configurable volunteer form. The built-in endorsement form lets you collect testimonials for use in your campaign.

Domain Name Included

Get a FREE .com or .net domain name of your choice. Political domains like .republican and .democrat available. FREE SSL certificate included for security.


Unlimited Updates

Easily edit pages with built-in layout styles. Embed images, slideshows, videos, audio files, maps and presentations. No HTML skills needed.

Email and Forwards

Create your own campaign email accounts and unlimited email forwards. Easily integrate with email marketing services like Mailchimp and Aweber.

Additional Tools

Built-in blog, events list, countdown widget, customizable forms, image sliders, form data capture, landing page generator and more.

Helpful Resources

Free candidate resources including training modules, tools and downloads at Online Candidate Resources.


Beyond Websites

Besides political websites, we offer digital campaign products and services for candidates running for city, county, state or federal office.

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Choose Your Package

All Online Candidate sites feature our exclusive platform, tools and resources.

Regular Campaign Website Package

Regular Website Package

Platform + Custom Design + 12 Months Hosting

For the Regular Campaign Website Package, we design a website header with your campaign colors, logo, background and candidate head shot. We also modify your site colors, font and background for a professional look suitable for any political campaign.

You have full control over your content and tools.

Package Price: $399 – Includes the Online Candidate website platform and site tools, free domain registration, custom design and 12 months hosting. (You can extend hosting after that period.)

The Regular Package is your best option if you want a great custom design with logo and longer-term hosting.

Enhanced Campaign Website Package

Enhanced Website Package

Platform + Custom Design + Setup + 12 Months Hosting

The Enhanced Campaign Website Package features ALL of the campaign web design customization of the Regular Website Package, but also includes the setup of your initial site content.

We’ll arrange your site text and images for a pleasing design and optimize your content for search engines. After that, it’s all in your control.

Package Price: $599 – Includes the Online Candidate website platform and site tools, free domain registration, custom design, initial site content setup and 12 months hosting. (You can extend hosting after that period.)

The Enhanced Website Package is a great option if you don’t want or don’t have the time to add the initial content yourself.

Lite Campaign Website Package

Lite Website Package

Platform + Template Design + 6 Months Hosting

Our Lite Package is designed for campaigns starting with a tight budget or with a limited time-frame. With our campaign website templates, you can choose from a wide selection of header images, colors, and fonts to create a unique look that works for any campaign. Then add your site content and go live!

Want a custom design? You can upload your own header image or include a Custom Design Add-on.

Many of our template color schemes have corresponding brochure print templates for offline marketing.

Package Price: $149

The Lite Website Package is best if your campaign is longer than 5 months or you want a one-time, fixed price. Custom design or site setup options can be added at any time.

Monthly Campaign Website Package

Monthly Website Option

Platform + Template Design + Month-to-Month Hosting

Our Monthly Website Option is designed for political campaigns starting with a tight budget or do not want to go with one of our campaign website packages. The Monthly Option includes recurring billing that can be cancelled at any time.

Choose from a wide selection of header images, color styles, and font types to create a unique look. Then add your content and goes live.

Want a custom design? You can upload your own header image or include a Custom Design Add-on.

Many of our template color schemes have corresponding brochure print templates for offline marketing.

Monthly Website Option: $29/month

The Monthly Option is best if your campaign is five months or less or you prefer paying on a month-to-month basis. Custom design or site setup options can be added at any time.

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You have enough to do getting your campaign off the ground. Why let the creation and design of your political website become a headache? We've streamlined our setup process down to a few simple steps.


Pick Your Site Package and Addons

Choose the package that is best for you. Addons include Site Launch and Social Media Setup, MailChimp setup and integration and Social Media Graphic design.


Build Your Site

For custom packages, we start your design customization and/or content setup when we get your questionnaire. For template-based sites, you can jump right in and start building your site.


Go Live!

Once you are ready to launch, generate your site and go live. You have full content control, the ability to recruit support and take donations.

Built in tools and editing system

You are not alone. Your site administration contains step-by-step instructions for managing each element of your site. If you are stuck, submit a trouble ticket and we'll respond quickly. If you have an emergency or important question, give us a call.

Get started now and give your judicial campaign the winning edge!

Choose Your Package

All plans come with great support by knowledge base, email and phone. No hidden fees!

Site Launch, Social Media Setup and MailChimp Setup options can be ordered with your website or at a later time.

Questions? Call Carol at 866-460-0995.

Have questions? Call Carol at 866-460-0995.


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