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Union Election Website Designers On Election Day, when voters reach the union elections on the ballot, how many simply skip them? Do they just guess who vote for, or do they just vote for a familiar name?

With the challenges of union elections being similar to other local elected positions, a union campaign website can help voters know more about the candidate and help them win their election!

Simple, affordable pricing

There are NO monthly charges, long-term contracts or hidden costs with Online Candidate. Your site is easily updated through your web browser. With our design customizations, you will NOT need to hire a website designer or programmer to have an attractive, fully-functional website.

Custom Design Examples

Sample Campaign Website Designs
See our client design gallery, try our campaign site demo or compare the packages.

Looks Fantastic

"I think it looks fantastic and it took very little effort on our end to set up." Charles McCallum - Read More

Tremendous Help and Always Responded Immediately

"I needed a campaign website and purchased a template. I had a few problems but onlinecandidate.com was a tremendous help, and always responded immediately. With their help, I got the website online in time and it looks great..." Richard F. - Read More

Your Online Hub of Support

Here is some important content to include when developing a union candidate or a union organization website:

Home Page: The home page text should change often, but to start, you may want to create a 'letter to voters' announcing your campaign, why you are running and what you hope to accomplish if you win. In time, you can update this text to include new developments or to shift your focus from awareness to support-gathering.

Biography/Resume: Start off with some personal information, such as family, time lived in the area, hobbies, etc. Then take your resume and work it into a short biography. Keep it short and bullet-pointed, but don't simply make it a list of your work history. Work in a few words about what you did in those positions. Electing someone is more than just whether are qualified - voters need to like you, as well.

Issues/Positions: This is the heart of your website content, and the most unique content you will create. Stake your positions against those of your opponent.

Endorsements: Include organizations and direct quotes, where possible. Endorsements can be added throughout your site, particularly where they are relevant to a particular issue.

Use your website to keep in touch with supporters and send voting reminders before your election!

For less than the cost of a mailing, you can have a great-looking website that will help you WIN your election!

Custom Design Examples

Sample Campaign Website Designs
See our client design gallery, try our campaign site demo or compare the packages.

Praise from a repeat customer

I have set up two campaign websites using Online Candidate and have been extremely happy with the product. I was able to get both sites up in a very short time. It allows you to create very professional sites for very little cost. The software is extremely easy to use, and the support provided by Carol Daley, the owner, was just exceptional. It helps if you know just a little HTML, but you can create a great looking site with absolutely no programming skills. I highly recommend Online Candidate. Howard S. - Read More

Union Web Design Packages

Our Regular Campaign Website Package includes a custom design that reflects your campaign. We create a website header with your campaign colors, logo, background and candidate head shot. We also modify colors, font and background to create a consistent look. Easily update pages, create a poll, integrate forms, add events, create blog posts and more. In addition, you can add event forms, expand your site with more pages, create a multi-level site menu, add multiple user accounts to allow and restrict site administration access to different users. We also include data capture of all submitted forms, allowing you to easily incorporate this information into your marketing efforts.

The Enhanced Campaign Website Package features ALL of the design and functionality of the Regular website package, but also includes the setup of your initial site content. We'll arrange your site text and images for a pleasing design and optimize your content for search engines. After that, it's all in your control.

Our Lite Campaign Website Package is designed for campaigns starting with a tight budget or with a limited campaign time-frame. This package allows you to select from a wide selection of header images, color styles, and font types to create a unique look that works for any campaign (particularly school board, judicial and sheriff). From there, add your site content and go live! It's easily upgradable to the higher packages so you can grow your site with your campaign!

Many of our Lite color schemes have a corresponding brochure print template that you can use for your offline marketing.

Additional options are available when you order your website package. With our Site Setup Option, we can set up your initial website content for you. We'll arrange your site text and images for a pleasing design.

Easy and Painless Setup

You have enough to do getting your campaign off the ground. Why let the creation and design of your political website become a headache? We've streamlined our setup process down to a few simple steps.

  • Select your campaign website package and order online or over the phone. After you order, you will be returned to an online form to supply us with basic contact and campaign information. From there, we can start your site setup right away!
  • Your website domain is set up in 1-2 business days - or less. You can log in and start building your site when you get your login information. For Regular and Enhanced Packages, if we have your candidate head shot and/or logo, your site design customizations can usually be finished within in that time. While we work on your custom design, you can log in and begin setting up your site content.
  • Short on time? We can set up your content! Text and image information must be provided in electronic form. The site setup is performed once with the materials provided. After that, it's all in your control. Order our Enhanced Package or choose as a Website Option when you order your package.
  • Go live! Once you are ready to launch, generate your site and go live! Afterwards, you can update, edit and add additional content to your site.
  • Upgradable. With a Lite Website Package, you can easily upgrade to a higher package with custom design without losing any of your existing content. The price? Only the difference between the packages!

Pick the package that's right for you, and you'll be on your way with a winning campaign website for your union election!

Order the Enhanced Packagae Order the Regular Packagae Order the Lite Package

Compare the package features.

Have questions about starting? Call Carol at 866-460-0995.


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The Online Candidate Story

Our first campaign website was built for a local candidate in 2003. The site was successful and had a huge impact on the election. The site helped raise issue awareness, and it forced the opponent to spend (lots of) money on a competing site. In the end, our candidate won! The success with that campaign gave us the idea of using our skills to help other local candidates.

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