Online Candidate Platform Features

Online Candidate Platform Features

Online Candidate includes all the tools you need to easily create and build a winning campaign website. As you read through these features, you’ll see why our platform is used by hundreds of campaigns every election cycle.

Every website includes:

  • Great custom or template designs - Have your campaign look its best online.
    • Custom design - Our Regular and Enhanced Campaign Website Packages includes a custom design. We create a website header with your campaign colors, campaign logo, background and candidate head shot. We also modify colors, font and background to create a professional look.
    • Template design - The Lite Website Package and the Monthly Option provide a wide selection of header images, color styles, and font types to create a unique look that works for any campaign. You can also upload your own header or upgrade to a custom design at any time.
  • Your own domain name - A free domain name is included with your site. Already have a domain? No problem. You can use your own.
  • Included web hosting - We take care of all your hosting needs.
  • Unlimited email forwards - Forward addresses to one or more outside email accounts.
  • Permanent email addresses - Create permanent email addresses for your @domain.
  • Exclusive resources access - Website Package clients have FREE access to all the tools, articles and resources on our members - only website,
  • Ability to continue hosting - Keep your website after your campaign or convert your site to another purpose.
  • Technical support - Get the help you need through our extensive knowledgebase, by email or phone.
  • NO hidden fees - We have up-front pricing to make it simple.

Attractive design features

  • Logo and graphics provided for print needs - For custom designs, we will provide high - res version of your designed site logo or header on request - for free.
  • Custom design - Our Regular and Enhanced Campaign Website Packages includes a custom design with your choice of colors, graphics and fonts. See sample designs.
  • Template design - The Lite Website Package and the Monthly Option provide dozens of header images, color styles, and font types to create a unique look.
  • Mobile-friendly- Online Candidate have responsive design to render well on mobile phone and tablets.
  • Top image slider - Create an image slider for the top of your home page or have it carried throughout your site.
  • Lightbox Feature - Site visitors can enlarge images on pages with just a click.
  • Splash page creator - Create and configure a custom splash page for first - time visitors.
  • Customizable ‘Under Construction’ page - You can customize your site’s Under Construction Page before you launch your site or if you suspend activities.
  • Matching print design services - Print design services are available to Online Candidate clients. Contact us for more information.

Easy content management

  • Powerful page editor - Make unlimited edits. Easily add, edit and update your site content with our powerful editor. Built-in features you won’t find in other editors. Easily add image popups, sliders, button creator- even text-to-Tweet links.
  • Built in styles - Built-in page layout styles are included, along with ability to easily embed Google Maps, YouTube videos, audio files and presentations.
  • Add, edit and remove pages - You have full control over your site content. To make it easier, sample pages are included for you to use and edit.
  • SEO friendly - Our system is designed to generate a search engine friendly site right from the start.
  • Name pages and navigation links - Choose your page titles, descriptions and keywords to optimize your content for search engine rankings.
  • Upload files - Add anything from images to Word Doc files to PDFs. Upload press releases, policy statement, photographs and more.
  • Events list - Create an organized list of all your upcoming events.
  • Conversion tracking - Add analytics tracking to measure the success of your online advertising, PPC campaigns and more.
  • Countdown widget - Display a graphical countdown to Election Day or other event.
  • Events manager and forms - Set up events and allow users to register online.
  • Data capture from all forms - Capture and download data from your contact, donation, endorsement and event forms.
  • Built in blog - Use your blog to add site updates or news. Supporters can be notified of your campaign’s activities through an automatically - updated RSS feed.
  • Sitemap - A sitemap of your site pages is automatically generated for the search engines.

Fundraise online and grow your donor base

  • Integrates with RaiseTheMoney - RaiseTheMoney provides campaigns and organizations with a streamlined way to start accepting contributions quickly and easily.
  • Integrates with PayPal - Online Candidate contribution forms are designed to integrate with PayPal.
  • Integrates with other donation systems - Any fundraising system or service can be integrated into your site.
  • Fundraising thermometer - Set goals and visually display how much you have raised.
  • Landing pages - Add unique and targeted landing pages for specific email, social media or fundraising campaigns.
  • Track conversions - Analytics code is easy to add across your site.

Interactive forms and tools

  • Contact form - Visitors may contact your campaign via web form. Add customizable response email to let them know that the message has been sent.
  • Donation form - Supporters can donate to your campaign through your website . Online Candidate contribution forms integrate tightly with PayPal or Raise The Money, but any online service can be used.
  • Volunteer form - Configurable volunteer form provides you ability to easily recruit others for campaign tasks. Includes a customizable response message.
  • Endorsement form - Provide an easy way for others to submit candidate endorsements. Includes a customizable response message.
  • Social media integration - Add icons to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Google+ and more just by adding a few links.
  • Refer to a Friend feature - Refer a Friend forms lets visitors tell friends about your site.
  • Social bookmark widgets - Visitors can bookmark and share your site with integrated bookmarking widgets.
  • Printable content pages - Web page content can be automatically converted into a printer - friendly version.
  • Conversion tracking - Add analytics tracking to measure the success of your online advertising, PPC campaigns and more.

Integrate with other tools and services

  • Fundraising, email or other web services can be integrated into your site.
  • Embed Google maps - Easily add Google Maps to your pages.
  • Embed YouTube videos - Easily embed YouTube video to your pages.
  • Embed Audio - Easily embed audio files to any page.
  • Embed PDFs - Easily upload and embed PDF files to any page.
  • Embed Widgets from other services - Easily add social media, fundraising and email widgets to your pages or sidebar.
  • Google Translation - Easily add Google Translation for voters of different languages.

Optional add-ons available anytime

Options can be added when your website is ordered or later.

  • Site Launch Package - Let us create your search engine account, initial press release and site backinks to help you site rank well - fast.
  • Site Launch and Social Media Package - We can help your campaign get that initial promotional boost to rank well in the search engines and/or set up your campaign Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Social Media Graphics - We can rescale and modify your website header for use as your Facebook cover image and Twitter account background.
  • MailChimp Setup and Integration: Save time and get your email campaign started the right way. Let us set up and configure your Mailchimp account so you can concentrate on your campaign. This can be added as a Website Option or ordered or later.
  • Custom Design Upgrades - Lite Package and Monthly Option sites can be upgraded to a custom design.

Choose Your Package

All plans come with great support by knowledge base, email and phone. No hidden fees!

Site Launch, Social Media Setup, MailChimp Setup and video options can be ordered with your website or at a later time.


Questions? Call Carol at 866-460-0995.

Have questions? Call Carol at 866-460-0995.

Who uses us? Mayor and council representatives , judicial candidates, sheriff candidates, school board candidates, local assessor candidates, county coroner candidates, local political committees, grassroots issue campaigns, union elections, non-profit organizations , citizen activists , lobbying groups , issue campaigns, referendums and more!


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