One-On-One Consultation

Is your campaign stuck in its online marketing efforts? Are you are struggling to reach voters and attract online donations and volunteers? If you answered yes to either of these, consider a one-on-one marketing consulting session.

I help campaigns improve their online presence

Reaching voters online is more important than ever. Every campaign is different, with different needs, resources and issues. To help candidates get the most from their online strategy, we offer one-on-one political consulting sessions.

How I can help

If this is your first time running for office, then your are probably new to online campaigning. Maybe you need advice on where you should focus your resources. Perhaps you need help with your messaging or just an independent opinion. Need advice on social media, raising more online donations or using online advertising to reach voters?

We can discuss whatever topics you want – and even provide an impartial opinion on your messaging or strategy. During our call I will give you solid recommendations that will make a big difference to your campaign.

Who is Shane Daley?

Pre-pandemic me.

I’m the person you’ll be speaking with! I am a partner of Online Candidate, a campaign website service, I started with my wife Carol in 2004. We’ve been working with online political campaigns way before it became mainstream.

With 20 years experience in online marketing, search optimization and web programming, I developed Online Candidate’s content management system and write for our blog. I’m also the author of the book, Running for Office as an Online Candidate along with our blog articles and our Running for Office as an Online Candidate podcast. You can also find me on LinkedIn.


What you can expect

After you schedule a time, you will be sent a confirmation email, along with a short questionnaire. This will give me the basics of what you’d like to discuss before the meeting. That way we can jump right into the discussion.

During the meeting, we’ll meet over Zoom to discuss your campaign. I’ll answer your questions and give you suggestions to improve your online campaign. Every campaign is different, so let’s talk!

Please note that these consultations take place on Zoom. You’ll receive a link to the Zoom video call after booking your appointment.


The cost for a session is $45 for a half-hour session or $90 for an hour session.


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