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Online Candidate Quickstart Guide

Get pre-order answers, campaign website setup information, launch tips, and options for your Online Candidate site after the election.

Political Website Domains and Hosting – What To Know

This free guide provides an overview on the basics of domain name registration and website hosting for political campaigns.

Running for Office as an Online Candidate - Sample

Topics include establishing your personal online identity, social media, campaign websites, online fundraising, email, online marketing strategies and more.

Raise The Money Integration Guide

Download our integration guide with tips and ideas for campaign fundraising with Raise The Money. Short, sweet - and free!

Political IP Marketing Quickstart Guide

Send banner ads to voter households. By matching a physical address to a specific IP address, IP Targeting becomes a secret weapon for political campaigns.

Political Fundraising with PayPal

Download our free guide for campaign fundraising with PayPal. Learn the pros and cons of this payment system.

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