Data Append Services

political data append services

Enhance Your Voter List With Email Addresses and Demographic Information

DataFinder can append your existing voter list with additional information email address, phone number and postal address, as well as household financial data and other demographic insights with match rates as high as 85 percent.

Automated Email Appending

Add email addresses to your voter and supporter list. With self-serve automated tools from Datafinder, you can easily upload names and postal addresses, then append email addresses and other attributes to your list.

Automated Reverse Email

You can also enhance your existing email list with names, postal addresses, phone numbers and many types of demographic data. Reach out to your contacts in more ways to improve your campaign.

Online Audience Builder

Do you have a high quality list of prospects but you’re only reaching a small percentage of your list through online ads? Append multiple contact data points to improve online match rates by up to 3x.

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