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Integrate services with your Online Candidate Website There are many options for online campaigning today. Some services offer full a top-to-bottom fundraising and communication platform. These systems often come at hefty price. With Online Candidate®, we focus on providing clients with well-designed and powerful campaign website platform. We don’t lock you into proprietary email, fundraising or communication systems.

We’ve made it simple to integrate outside tools and services into your campaign website.

Full Social Media Integration

Online Candidate® allows you to add social media buttons and link to your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages simply by adding your profile link(s) into your site setup page.

  • Facebook:  Social plugins let you see what your friends have liked, commented on or shared on sites across the web.
  • Twitter: Want to add your Twitter stream to your site sidebar? Simply add the code to your site setup to make it happen!
  • LinkedIn: Easily add a share or profile widget through LinkedIn’s widgets.
  • Other Widgets: Use a different social media service? If it provides custom widget code, then you can embed it into your site.
  • Share Buttons: Default share button code is included with your setup. You can add these buttons to the top and/or bottom of your site pages. You can also replace the code with code from a different service, if you choose!

Email, Text and Mobile Services

Fundraise Online

While social media is popular, email is still the killer app. If you plan on using email extensively in your campaign, a dedicated email service can offer enhanced functionality, tools and deliverability.

Email services such as Aweber, Mailchimp, and Trumpia provide code that you can easily add to your website to create email signup forms.


Most campaigns today are using the web to raise campaign donations. While we do not engage in these services, your website can be configured to work with just about any online service, including PayPal, Raise the Money  and more.

Other Web Services

If you use other services like Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, retargeting campaigns or other tracking systems, you can easily add header or footer code to your site to monitor site traffic and conversions.

See our Resources Page for recommended services.

Choose Your Package

All plans come with great support by knowledge base, email and phone. No hidden fees!

Site Launch, Social Media Setup, MailChimp Setup and Video Design options can be ordered with your website or at a later time.


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