Political Brand Design Services

Logo, social design, style guide and more.

Political candidates today need more than just a winning message to capture the attention of voters. They need to present themselves professionally to distinguish themselves from the competition. A candidate needs to stand out and project to voters a professional image that reflects their personality.

Your logo is the center your political brand. It is usually the first thing voters see about a candidate. Great political graphic design provides easy recognition across print and online channels.

Designing a campaign brand is an art. Your logo, color scheme and fonts are important in creating your brand identity. It starts with a great logo, the right fonts, and a color scheme that both appeals to voters and captures the essence of what’s at stake in the election.

We have designed logos for hundreds of campaigns for our Online Candidate political website clients. We now offer Political Brand Design as a stand-alone service.

What’s included in the service:

  • Custom Campaign Logo – Customized with your name and office sought. You can also add a slogan, if you choose.

  • Original Files – We provide your logo in a variety of sizes and types, including your original Adobe Illustrator files.

  • Social Media Graphics – Facebook and Twitter header graphics.

  • Brand Style Guide – Customized to your color palette and fonts to create a visual identity that is effective and persuasive.

  • 3-month subscription to OnlineCandidateResources.com – Includes Canva templates for print, articles, and online tools to improve your digital campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Online Candidate Political Brand Package cost?

Your custom Political Branding Package costs $279.

What does the Brand Package include?

Your Brand Design Package includes the creation of your custom logo, versions of your approved logo in multiple sizes, original Adobe Illustrator files, social media graphics, a brand style guide, and a 3-month subscription to OnlineCandidateResources.

What is the process for ordering?

After ordering through our Download Store, fill out the questionnaire form. If you want inspiration for your logo design, check out our gallery of political logo examples. Simply email back the questionnaire and we will send you a draft logo in 3-4 business days. If you want any changes, let us know. Once approved, we’ll complete your logo and send you your Brand Package.

What are the social media header graphics?

These are Facebook and Twitter header graphics, sized to the current requirements. They include your logo and background color.

What is OnlineCandidateResources?

OnlineCandidateResources.com is our resource center for political campaigns and candidates. It has a wide range of articles, tools, and Canva design templates that you can use with your Brand Package material to create print brochures, social media posts and more.

Can I edit my political logo at a later time?

Unlike many design services, we provide you with Adobe Illustrator source files of your original logo so it can edited.

Where can I use my custom logo?

You can use your logo for all your digital and print material, including your website, social media accounts, email, campaign signage, brochures, mailers and more. Keep your look consistent for brand awareness as part of your campaign strategy.

Why is a professional look important? Don't the issues matter?

Every political campaign needs a strategy to effectively communicate visually with voters. A professional logo that is memorable and consistent is an important part of creating a strong, recognizable brand. Looks matter, and a professional design makes all the difference. A strong brand can build trust with voters and help keep you top of mind when they cast their ballot.

What if I have more questions?

You can reach out to us at contact@onlinecandidate.com. Please mention the Brand Package in your message.