Political Online Marketing Services

Looking for initial help to get your site launched? Check out our affordable Website Promotion Package as an option to your website order. However, if you require more a hands-on service, keep reading…

Looking for guidance on getting started on the web? Need help marketing your political campaign website? Want to boost your online exposure? Our one-on-one web consulting services could help.

We can help:

  • Optimize your website for search engines.
  • Set up Google Analytics and Google/Bing Webmaster accounts.
  • Initial link-building to build website traffic and rankings.
  • Answer questions and help you set up other aspects of your online campaign.
  • Online opposition research.
  • Help create and syndicate online press releases.
  • Help set up, launch and maintain your social media program.
  • Help set up and launch an effective email campaign.
  • Find the right online advertising solutions to match your constituency and budget.
  • Act as a resource for questions or issues with your online campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your consulting services cost? We charge by the hour. We can give you an estimate based on the work you require.

Can you guarantee rankings for my name? Unless your name is something like ‘Michael Jordan’, we can usually get your website ranking for your name with a few hours work. It may take a week or so for the results to show. It mostly depends on existing sites that already rank for your name or targeted term.

Is this a long-term thing? Not necessarily. We typically need several initial hours to learn more about your campaign, current online status and competition, but after that, we can do work for you on an ‘as-needed’ basis. Tell us what you’d like done, and we’ll give you a time estimate. Once we get your approval, we’ll get to work.

Who actually does the work? SEO, link building and online reputation work is done by Shane Daley (follow on Linkedin), who has over a decade of web marketing experience and has worked with everything from small sites to multi-million dollar corporations - and, of course, political campaigns.

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