We never recommend sending campaign e-mail to anyone who has not affirmatively asked for it. Spam generally consists of bogus and offensive products. Unsolicited political spam is probably as just unwelcome to an average voter.

Bulk email can be sent directly from personal e-mail software, such as Microsoft Outlook, or it can be sent through more advanced mail scripts or web-based services. No matter how the emails are sent, they should only be sent to people who have affirmatively requested your messages.

Our Online Candidate Website Packages comes with an email list system. It is a double opt-in system, meaning that after the user signs up, a confirmation e-mail is sent to verify it was really them and that they wanted to subscribe to the mail list.

For larger campaigns or campaigns with mail lists that want to initally add large numbers of emails to a mail list, we recommend using a professional email service such as Aweber. This is useful for campaigns that gather email addresses offline, such as through fundraisers. These email services provide additional design tools, autoresponder and tracking features.



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