car wrapsHere’s an offbeat idea for campaigns of all types to both draw attention and promote themselves at the same time.

Many commercial vehicles on the road incorporate some form of vinyl decals, lettering or branding onto the exterior or windows. But a complete vehicle wrap can take things to a whole different level, turning any car or truck into a rolling campaign billboard.

A vehicle wrap is a carefully applied layer of vinyl that can be printed in any design imaginable. The vinyl materials fit your vehicle like a second skin. They can last forĀ  years. When finished, the film can be removed without damage to the vehicle or any adhesive residue.

Vehicle wraps can be used as a form of mobile advertising that can complement the usual yard signage, posters and banners used to promote a political campaign. It’s both advertising and brand exposure, allowing the candidate to best represent their identity wherever they travel.

According to the Transportation Advertising Council, a division of OAAA, vehicle advertising in a larger city can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 vehicular impressions per day.

Another bonus with wraps is that you won’t have problems with any local ordinances that you might find with billboards or overly-large signage.

Our recommendations for campaigns that want to use this advertising technique is to have the wrap design match your other campaign material in color and logo. You may want to include other text, such as the elected position, location, election date and the campaign website URL. You might want to emphasize the logo as it can be hard to read a lot of text on a moving vehicle. Photographs tend to be eye-catching as well, particularly head shots.

Has anyone seen or used this promotion method?

Thanks to Chad at San Antonio Car Wraps for the heads up on this trend!


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