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Why Starting Your Campaign Website Early Makes Sense

Online political campaigning has evolved over the last decade. While strategies have become more sophisticated, the campaign website has remained the hub of the online campaign. It takes time and effort to build support. If you think putting up a... Read More

5 Myths About Political Candidate Websites

You know what they say about assumptions. In political web development, we run into a lot of them. In our experience of working with political campaigns, here are our top five myths about political campaign sites that can cost candidates visitors and... Read More

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The Most Important Call You Will Ever Make

Would you make a campaign stump speech to a crowd, then stop 90% of the way through, drop the mic, and just walk off the stage? Would you send a print piece detailing half your campaign on one side but then leave the other side blank? Of course you... Read More

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How Much Does a Campaign Website Cost?

A website is the digital front of every political campaign. A campaign website is the first point of contact that potential voters have with a candidate or cause. It is a crucial tool for any candidate running for office. A website can be used to... Read More