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They’re Not Campaign Supporters Until You Get Them in Voting Booth

The ultimate goal of any political campaign - local, state or federal - is to get people to the voting booth and cast a ballot. It's a simple idea that it cannot be emphasized enough.

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The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Online Campaigning

Even though there is plenty of good information about politics and online marketing, a lot of awful ideas and assumptions are still floating around. Here are some truly bad things that clients have told us over the years. Some are just misconceptions about online marketing and how it works, while other ideas can be election-breakers if followed through.

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Best Practices When Linking to News Stories

Are you making the most about what is written about your or your political opponent? Here are a few simple tips to promote online news stories and help build your online reputation at the same time.

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Dos and Don’ts for Political Campaigns in 2014

Here are some of our top dos and don't for campaigning online in the 2014 election cycle. Being online isn't an option for candidates anymore, no matter what size campaign you are running.

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What Type of Yard Signs Should Your Campaign Use?

Candidates often struggle with the type of sign to purchase. There are basically three types of yard signs for political campaigns: plastic bag, corrugated plastic, and double-sided cardboard.

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