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Creating An Online Political Campaign Plan

One of the most difficult things for new candidates who are not particularly web-savvy is knowing where to start. Here is an overview of what candidates should consider when making a political campaign plan for online activities.

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Get Better Results With Targeted Landing Pages

A landing page on your campaign website is simply a page where visitors are redirected from a particular traffic source. This can include campaign emails, social media posts, PPC ads and so on. If you want to get more from your online promotional efforts, it is critical to have a good landing page strategy.

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Raising Seed Money For Your Campaign

One of the largest obstacles that small political campaigns face is raising initial funds for the race. It's hard to start a campaign without money, but it's hard to raise money without spending some. Mailers cost money. Holding events or rallies require some sort of up-front cost. Many local candidates simply don't have a lot of funds to put up themselves.

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Why Starting Your Campaign Website Early Makes Sense

Online political campaigning has evolved over the last decade. While strategies have become more sophisticated, the campaign website has remained the hub of the online campaign. It takes time and effort to build support. If you think putting up a website and slapping on a donation button a few weeks before Election Day is a winning tactic, think again.

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How To Use Authoritative Linking for Your Campaign

The content of your political campaign website always appears stronger when it's backed up by credible sources. Here are tips to making your content a strong as possible.

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