Here are the results of our 2017 Online Political Campaign Survey.

The responses show some changes from our previous surveys. Here are some takeaways from the results:

  • The level of overall experience with online tools has steadily improved over the years. More people have a better understanding about how the web and online marketing works. (Fifteen years ago, it was a lot tougher to convince a candidate to campaign online.)
  • Facebook and Twitter are still the most popular social media platforms for campaigns.
  • YouTube (video) is being used more than in the past. This is not surprising as so much content is now distributed in video form.
  • Most campaigns now plan to raise money online. It is much easier to do so today. Even small campaigns benefit from online donations.
  • We had a good cross-section of participants from the political spectrum.
  • From what we see in our business, many candidates are starting to think about their online presence early. We’ve always advocated for this, and it’s good to see that online campaign strategies have become mainstream.

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Thanks to all who participated!







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