Zombies are reanimated dead, mindless monsters that band together and attack the living. During election season, the living (voters) find themselves unable to escape the unrelenting barrage of political campaign advertising.

This post is not about the undead attacking constituents. It’s about what your campaign can do to avoid becoming a horrifying online presence.

Mindless Reposting

Yes, you have a campaign event coming up. Yes, you want to make sure that your follows are sent regular reminders. But you don’t want to bother people with annoying, repetitive tweets, posts and emails.

While it’s easy to resend old messages, the effectiveness of your announcements will diminish in time. Mix things up a little. Announce your fundraiser. Follow up with different reminders focusing on the event, the venue, the number of days left, special guests and so on. Excitement is contagious, so put some thought and variation to your messaging.

Chomping Up Online Time

Online campaigning is a powerful way to increase exposure and grow support. But keeping up with everything online and engaging in social media can eat up a lot of time. Prioritize your efforts. Many small campaigns assign someone to focus on the online aspect of the race.

Keep in mind that there is a digital divide. Not everyone is capable of engaging your campaign on the web. You’ll never reach everyone with just online-only efforts. Until online voting becomes a reality, the only way you’ll win your election is to get those supporters into real-life voting booths.

Living Dead Campaign Websites

A campaign website that is never updated and does not invite visitors to engage further in the campaign is just not effective. Every page on the site should make an ask of some type.  It can be to have the visitor make a donation, volunteer, join your email list – or even just to vote for you on Election Day.

Truly ineffective websites leave out even the most basic information, like the election date, contact information or even the state where the municipality is located.

Don’t let your campaign become zombified! Put some life into your election by being engaged, making thing interesting and by keeping the your online campaign in perspective.

What horror stories have you experienced with zombie campaigns? Let us know!

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