Never encountered these before until a recent 4th of July parade. Candidate supporters were handing out two-sided business cards. On the front was the candidate’s picture, the position they were running for, slogan, website domain, etc.

The back of the card had a short description of the candidate’s campaign platform. It was a nice little promotional piece. On close examination, it appeared that the cards were self-printed, but they were still of good quality.

And for the number of cards distributed, they were a lot cheaper than pamphlets, door hangers or those silly little red, white and blue fans that are handed out at those type of events.

It was a nice piece, and I hung onto it for quite a while.

With multiple political print templates (including a business card) all in one package, the files are easily editable, with instructions and tips added into the sample copy. Just add your text and replace the sample images with your own.


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